Friday, July 24, 2009

Bad day with a help of a friend.....

I suppose to post it last week and realise that I didn't click on publish and save in the draft. Last week Friday, 17. July is the bad day I had so far. Every Friday, my class is begin at 2pm and end at 4pm. In the sunny day, I always need to cycle to Uni and I am getting darker and darker. Actually, I already tell one of my friend Wen Tat cycle with me to Uni that day but something happen and we ended up didn't cycle together and said will cycle back together. I finish the lecture early that day and decided to submit my MC to Block A office ( due to I sick for 2 days) That time something bad happen to me. A car hit on me and run. What a irresponsible driver and it was a girl. Unfortunately I didn't manage to remember the car plat number.

That time, there are few people helping me up and bring me to a side of a road. Later I call my friend Wen Tat and ask him faster come. I saw him cycle very fast and head to the wrong way and I call him. When we finally meet up I tell him what happen and I guess he is shock too and ask me whether I am fine ^-^ the most unlucky is that, my bicycle lock was fall into the drain and he helped me to pick it up from the drain in a fast speed ( I guess he had a great skill ^^) After he picked up for me, I cycle back home but I cycle slowly and slowly because my leg was hurt by the car. Halfway before we reach Westlake, I stop and walk back because is really painful. He also come down from the bicycle and walk with me in the hot sun. I tell my mum and they are really shock but lucky my leg is nothing but sometimes it will hurt.

I really want to thank him for accompany me when I in that condition. Helping me a lot.... I really appreciate it..... Thank Wen tat (*^-^*)
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