Saturday, October 30, 2010

San Francisco Steakhouse @ KLCC

Last week, I had lunch with Acura at San Francisco Steakhouse located at KLCC. It located same row as Dome. San Francisco Steakhouse is own by Tai Thong so do Santini where is just beside San Francisco. We are here to try their lunch set that only cost RM16.90 with 1 main course + soup of the day + drinks.

the environment

The breads served together with the drinks. I love the garlic butter with breads. It taste awesome!

Soup of the day- Tomatoes soup

Beef Paillard
Grilled thin beef served with salad and mashed potatoes

Grilled Leg Of Lamb
Grilled Australian lamb leg served with garden salad, mashed potatoes and bearnaise sauce

Grilled Leg Of Lamb
The taste is juicy & tender. I love their mashed potatoes too. I highly recommended this.

The bill only cost around RM38 after service charge & tax. The set lunch is value for money

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lunch @ Chilli Padi Restaurant, Genting Klang

Well as usual after badminton on Saturday, the gang will have lunch together but is always a late lunch at 3pm because we finish our badminton at 2pm. I suggested to have lunch at Chilli Padi & if not mistaken it just open recently. Everyone was agree & I'm happy because I always in the hunting food mood to be posted in my blog ;p

saw this once I enter the restaurant.

the environment

Actually the food served is almost similar with Madam Kwan as their signature dish is Nasi Bojari & Nasi Lemak but the price is slightly different.

Carrot Milk ordered my Kenny (RM 4.50)

Nasi Bojari (RM12.90)

It is huge as it comes with aromatic rice, huge fried chicken drumstick & asam prawns. The taste is good but if compare to Madam Kwan of course Madam Kwan is better. You will get free Cendol when you order Nasi Lemak or Nasi Bojari. 4 of us ordered the same thing.

Free Cendol with Gula Melaka.
The Cendol taste good even without Gula Melaka.
Just pour the Gula Melaka according to your preferences.

Salted Egg York Fried Rice (RM9.50)
The rice is nice & some fried chicken cubes completed the dish. The serving is huge but Acura manage to finish it.

Deep Fried Chicken with Shanghai style (RM 9.50)
Look similar with those Kim Gary right? Ong ordered this & he said tasty.

Chicken Maryland (RM 14.90)
Served with large chicken chop, chicken ham, fries, salad, fried banana & pineapple. See the round shape is fried pineapple. None of us can guess that. LOL

Well maybe we was hungry after badminton we order some side dish too.

Crabmeat Sweet Corn Soup (RM5.50)

Sze Chuan Soup (RM4.90)
I love this!!

Tomyam Seafood Soup (RM6.50)

Overall the food is good & reasonable price. The food served is big portion. If you want to try out Western, Asia or Chinese do come to this restaurant. The restaurant is just behind Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu at Genting Klang

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BBQ Chicken @ Wangsa Walk

Is was a rush because wake up late on the day I back to Kampar. So we decided to check out the restaurant at Wangsa Walk. 1stly we thought of having Popeye but Acura don want so we went here, BBQ Chicken. Well as for me I think Popeye & this restaurant is selling the same thing which is Fried CHICKEN!

The menu cover
Their menu
Seafood Spaghetti
Grill Chicken Rice
Popcorn Chicken
served together with soft drinks.

Well the food is fast served, you only wait for 15min for that. I just like their popcorn chicken. The pasta is I not really like it because the cheese taste is too strong. For the grill chicken Acura said not bad. Overall the food taste not bad still acceptable. The only thing is those barbeque chicken dishes definitely didn’t quite taste like Korean while the restaurant didn’t have any Korean feel. I wonder why they put their name as Korea No.1 Chicken Restaurant! Really no idea with that.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bukit Tinggi @ Pahang

Well after the Chamang waterfall, we went to Bukit Tinggi on the same day. Actually it was tired after playing with water & I went here with Acura 2 years ago but since one 1 of friend suggest so we went there. Bukit Tinggi located at Pahang. Bukit Tinggi is near to Genting Highlands which located 3000 feet above the sea level. There are a few places to visit there which is the French Village, Japanese Garden and Animal Farms. Each of us was charged RM 12 for the entrance to Japanese Village & French Village.

Well we started with Japanese village. Nothing has change, is still the same when I went here with Acura. You can rent kimono for RM25 (if not mistaken) to wear around & snap photo.

At Japanese village house

We only spend about 40min here because there are nothing except for environment. After the Japanese Village we headed towards French Village. There also have fun fair games, a game arcade, a snooker center and restaurant. There was a drawbridge that led to a castle look-alike building. Under the bridge there was a pool where 2 pair of swan.

taken at the parking lots
The main entrance to the French Village.
swan swimming in the pond
the street in the village

Clock Tower
view from the top of Clock Tower

Later we went for target shooting when we find out about that. You just need to shot those bottle hand there with those paintball guns.
Posing. LOL
Taken few years back when we come here =)

After a long day trip, its is time to go back. Such a tired day but is fun when you have a group of friends with you.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chamang Waterfall @ Bentong, Pahang

Drive to Chamang is easy from KL where you use MRR2 & follow the road heading to Genting Highland. Gosh!! did I said Genting Highland? Sorry, we are heading to Bentong this time =) Just use the Karak highway & once you see the Bentong sign turn into the exit. Once you are in Bentong, there are signboard of Chamang waterfall that will lead you to there.

Well this trip is plan by one of my friend to this waterfall. I have never expected anything from this waterfall from the beginning & just wanted to find a place to chill down. We reach there about 10.30 because we went for breakfast before heading there.

chilling =)
hanging bridge
The hanging bridge is the only way cross to the camping sites.

group photo

Me & Acura
me at chamang

Des, Me & Y King

water session start. Yeah!!

water fight. Des, Acura & Yking vs couple Waynee & Ong
From the photo, you can guess who is the winner. LOL

We was there for 3 hours & of course we bring our thing for picnic. We really enjoy there as the place is chill & the water is clean. It is a good place for a weekend getaway for families. Everyone was tired after the play but since Bukit Tinggi is near, we decided to pay a visit.
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