Monday, October 11, 2010

10.10.10 Happy Birthday to Acura

10.10.10 a nice number & day easy to remember. Many view 10.10.10 as a special day to begin new ventures. In this day, many people plan to get married & baby are born. Congratulation to them. In this special day, I would like to wish Acura Happy birthday!!! A nice & memorable date =)

Acura & gang has a birthday celebration earlier due to on the birthday itself Acura are going to Genting Highland. Is really a busy Saturday (9.10) where we started with 2 hours of badminton
& went for late lunch at Kenny Rogers at Genting Klang. Is also a bad day for me where I hurt my thumb & the finger nails is broken deeply. wuhuhuhu

All of them is bad where they wanted took the photo of me & pity thumb.

Mocha @ Kenny Rogers
Muffins =)
Vanilla, Chocolate & Banana

All of us order the same thing but different side lines so I only take few photo

rice, coleslaw, mashed potatoes & original chicken
rice, coleslaw, macaroni cheese & original chicken

After enjoy the meal. It is time for


Acura & me
most memorable photo. Love this =)

from behind: Waynee, Ong, Kenny, Des, Y King
front : CK, Acura & Me

Later we went for pool at V8 near Steven Corner.

Wau... Kenny!
Acura vs Rachel
Des vs CK

Since today is early celebration for Acura so he will decide all the activity among the choices we gave. After pool we went to Tbun for Dota & Fifa. Since we finish lunch at 4pm then we decide to open 3 hour package. As usual, 1st game will be Dota. After that, Des & Acura wanted to play Fifa. So only left 5 of us for Dota. Guess what... this is the strongest team where the member is Kenny, Y King, Ong, Ck & Rachel . LOL. We have 3 continuous winning in Dota when play with outsider =)

We had so much fun on that day where words just couldn't describe.
We hope you enjoy your day with us Acura =)


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