Monday, March 19, 2012

Chop Jing Chew - Brunei

Each time I in Miri, place that I definitely must go is Brunei. The journey take around 2 hours where is almost same like the time to Malacca from KL.

Going to cross the bridge to Brunei
getting nearer
Sin Yang shipyard
$3 to cross the border

We are going to have our breakfast here, Chop Jing Chew Gadong.
This shop is a great bakery or restaurant in Brunei that has been around since 1946. Their specialty is Roti Kuning Kahwin
Every bun that served are nicely toasted with light crisps on the edges and nice fluffy bun. The bun was yellow and served with thick creamy butter and kaya
OMG! it had a nice filling of thick slice of butter and kaya

Besides famous with their fluffy bread, they are famous with Seama Kuey Teow.
Special noodles with their mixture soy sauce and topped with fried fish. Thumb up for this ^^

Do have a try at this shop when you are heading to Brunei
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