Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fear Factor dinner @ Guangzhou

At last, I am free from exam & is time to continue my post regarding Guangzhou. We will be in GZ for 4 days where we depart from Macau. We stay at my bf relative house. While on the way to GZ, we stopped by at Zhuhai to have fresh oyster meal. What I can said that thumb up for that (too hungry, din manage tk photo)

Statue of Fisher Girl become the landmark of Zhuhai.
She holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, admiring its bright luster that also symbolizes the brightness of Zhuhai.

so we continue to our journey to Guangzhou. The journey is like from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bharu which take 4 to 5 hours. Is time for dinner when we reach Guangzhou so his relative bring us to Guang Zhou Hong Xing seafood restaurant.

Well China people would prefer their food is fresh before serve. Everything in this restaurant is fresh & alive. They cook once you order it.

Try & guess what we see in the restaurant.


I was really shock that time. Is still alive!

Water cockroach. Is so disgusting.
some kind of worms.... yucks!!!
I really no idea what is this but I try search through the internet the call it as geoducks.
would like to have some wine with snakes, lizards & other reptiles?
At last I found something, we usually eat crab.
Groupa fish

so many choices & varieties
something like carrot. Nice right?
piggy bun

If you want to eat something fresh & try something new this place is recommended. The place was very interesting and you probably won’t see it anywhere else but Asia.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

City Of Dreams Casino @ Macau

I found something interesting in facebook so I would like to share out.
Have you heard about City of Dreams at Macau?
Actually this is the first time I heard that. Since is in Macau you can run away from the word CASINO.
This casino opened on 1 June 2009 & one of the attraction in Macau after The Venetian.

City of Dreams is also know as CoD. It is property of Cotai Strip in Cotai reclamation area in Macau where is owned & manage by Melco Crown Entertainment. City of Dreams is Melco's second mega sized property in Macau. It located directly opposite The Venetian Macau. (need to beat down the strong competitor) LOL

There are 4 tower in total which is Hard Rock hotels, Crown Tower Hotel & Grand Hyatt Macau (2 towers) There are 2 theater which is "The Bubble" a show with HD media projection presentation entitled "The Dragons Treasure"

The Dragon’s Treasure media show featured in the City of Dreams’ Bubble Theater takes guests on a journey into a supernatural realm of the four Dragon Kings. Each dragon enjoys a moment of boundless power with the Jade Emperor's mighty Pearl of Wisdom. As guests move from one Dragon King’s land to the next guests are immersed in a visual spectacle as elements unique to each region swirl on the 360 degree dome screen. Dragon’s Treasure show combines 360 degree 3D audio, theatrical lighting both in the venue and in the screen, show action scenic components, a state of the art water curtain, special effects, and CG animated media to immerse guests in a fantastical world beyond the limits of reality.

You cant miss the show below......

The second is "Dragon Theater" that open on 23 September 2010 feature in the round water show & the largest in the world. This place still have other attraction where live performance, kids city & Vquarium.

Each panel sits a rear projector that displays images on the acrylic.

What do you think about this casino? The casino is getting nicer & more attraction to compete with the competitor. I really wish I'm in Macau now to watch The Bubble show. Those of you are visiting Macau soon, dont miss out to visit this casino.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Blogshop in Town (Vanillapeony)

Get to know this new blogshop in town through one of my facebook friend since I like to buy clothes online & I found out this VanillaPeony ( Recently only know that they have facebook Peony Nie

I like to buy clothes online but one thing I hate that is pre order where you need to wait at least 2 weeks to receive your parcel. I remember I buy from 1 website (don want to mention the name to spoil the image) I waited for 1 month for my order & guess what is spoil so just wasted. Moreover, sometimes the quality & material are different from what you see from the picture.
I buy one Jacket where seldom can find this type of jacket & pant if got also very expensive. I email the owner to find out the date I can receive my parcel. I was shock with the answer 2 to 3 days. So Of course, I make my order for that & I receive it within the day they mention.

As I asked the owner, all items are personally handpicked by them & items are not restock back unless they stated. So the chances to bump with same clothes & dress is low :) I hate to clash clothes with people especially when you wear to shopping complex. I remember the clothes I buy for bf from Giordano "The World Without Stranger". We bump at least 3 people where the same shirt & some with different color. So I had stopped to buy from that shop.

What I can said that I was fully satisfied with the clothes. Saw a review from the website too. The price is reasonable & important is the quality of the clothes. Here are some photo of clothes I take from the website.

I sure will going to buy clothes from this website again because satisfied with the clothes & quality of it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daytime at Macau

From my previous post, you know how Macau look like during night. Macau famous with nightlife where you can see beautiful light of the every casino at that area. Impressive & enjoy the light. What I can conclude that, daytime & night is totally different. See the picture below

What do you think? obviously it does not look like in Macau

Do you spot Grand Lisboa? Unattractive right? haha
Well, even do is a big different but they have own attraction during the daytime too.

One of the major attraction is Ruins of St. Paul.

Ruins of St.Paul used to be a church of the Mother of God but a fire burned it to the ground & leaving only the facade. I love this building.

Next attraction will be Mount Fortress and Museum Macau.
The fortress was build in the 16th century to protect properties of Jesuit.

My favorite pose. Peace! :)

3rd attraction is Fisherman's Wharf

This is the 1st theme park in Macau located next to Macau Ferry Terminal.
This park haven open when I went there :(

Tang Dynasty Fortress

Roman Amphitheater
smile :)
The area around Fisherman's Wharf is pretty huge. There are row & row of shops but not much people maybe they don like daytime to visit this place. The building structure are inspired by different theme building such as Italian & Spanish.
empty alley at Legend Wharf
each building is unique
along the Fisherman's Wharf

Rocks Hotel
crowded during night
Of course, you can miss out to buy their local delight such as almond cookies & floss egg roll.
Enjoyed our day here. Tomorrow we are heading to Guangzhou

Friday, September 17, 2010

Unforgettable Moment at Venetian

When you see this picture where do you think I have been too?
Venice,Italy? Yes is Venice!!
Venice is a beautiful & romantic place. I feel in love with it once I stepped in here. I always dream to get married or even honeymoon at Venice. :)


Hahaha, you are fool by the picture. I actually been to The Venetian Macau. As promised I will share my experience at Macau. Here are some photo taken on the way to Venetian.

on the wayon the way

all the way long you will see colorful & beautiful of every casino. I visited few casino here but the most I wanted to visited is The Venetian. This casino is the largest & attractive compare to the other 30 casino. The Venetian is amazing place to discovered.

venetian macau
The Venetian

Yeah, Here we are !

entrance of Venetian

We took few photo of outside the building before we went in.


spotted this gondola before we go in.....
Gosh!! look at the beautiful light. I really love & love this place

Alright is time to go in now. Excited, excited ^-^

You will see this when all the way in. Nice right? Love the feel

soon you will reach here. Everyone is busy taking photo & the place is crowded.
Of course, I cannot miss to snap at least 1 photo. *wink*

The place really beautiful & luxurious where almost everything is painted in gold. I not really like to gamble so this is not a place for me to hang around. So we went to another place. hehehe

on my way up.....

Here we are!!!! Venice!!!

Here is a place where you can do your shopping if you win a lot money from the casino. There are many branded shop such at LV, Coach & so on. I just fall in love in this place. Even do my dream is to go Venice, Italy but at least now I can have the feel of it before my dream come true.

I enter to the casino at the age 19. Oopp... do I mention I enter? haha
Well, I thought I cant enter & try to dress up to let myself look mature. Well I passed the 1st check point but when I was looking around a security guard walk toward us & wanted to check our passport. The guard say no problem & walk a way. Hahaha. That time only we realized that at 18 above you can enter the casino. While for Genting casino, Malaysia you need to reach 21 years old before you can enter, a long wait for that right?

This is the photo I snap before I make my way to other casino. I snap it secretly without notice by the security guard. hehehe
venetian casino
Waa..... so many people.

This photo will going to be a memory for me for the 1st time I enter the casino.
I know I will be back to Venetian one day :)

p.s: going to blog about Macau soon
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