Monday, September 20, 2010

Daytime at Macau

From my previous post, you know how Macau look like during night. Macau famous with nightlife where you can see beautiful light of the every casino at that area. Impressive & enjoy the light. What I can conclude that, daytime & night is totally different. See the picture below

What do you think? obviously it does not look like in Macau

Do you spot Grand Lisboa? Unattractive right? haha
Well, even do is a big different but they have own attraction during the daytime too.

One of the major attraction is Ruins of St. Paul.

Ruins of St.Paul used to be a church of the Mother of God but a fire burned it to the ground & leaving only the facade. I love this building.

Next attraction will be Mount Fortress and Museum Macau.
The fortress was build in the 16th century to protect properties of Jesuit.

My favorite pose. Peace! :)

3rd attraction is Fisherman's Wharf

This is the 1st theme park in Macau located next to Macau Ferry Terminal.
This park haven open when I went there :(

Tang Dynasty Fortress

Roman Amphitheater
smile :)
The area around Fisherman's Wharf is pretty huge. There are row & row of shops but not much people maybe they don like daytime to visit this place. The building structure are inspired by different theme building such as Italian & Spanish.
empty alley at Legend Wharf
each building is unique
along the Fisherman's Wharf

Rocks Hotel
crowded during night
Of course, you can miss out to buy their local delight such as almond cookies & floss egg roll.
Enjoyed our day here. Tomorrow we are heading to Guangzhou


acura said...

Macau looks very quiet during the day, but transform into a glitzy casino city during the night. I like the Ruins of St Paul too, the church that once stood there must have been stunning judging from the facade that remained.

Rachel Melody said...

I love Macau... I will revisit again :)

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