Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Malacca Empire Marine Theme Park

I went to Malacca almost every year if I don have place to go. Malacca is a place rich of history. I like to go historical places but went there every year is not a good idea. Is just a bit boring because already use to the place. But guess what...... would you change your mind if Malacca have this?

watch the video below to know about it....... :)

The project is undertaken by Empire Properties Ventures Sdn Bhd. They come out with a marine theme park, 10,000 seat international convention Center, three storey shopping complex, small office & apartment, historical gallery, replica Dutch ship & of course five star hotel with 3,000 rooms. Moreover, there are 3 lionhead shaped water villages where the design following Malacca Kampung house, Chinese & European style. I guess the concept is something like Dubai Palm Resort & Golden Palm Tree style.

An impressive design of the theme park.I wont mind to go Malacca few times a year


acura said...

It certainly look very impressive but I wonder where they will find the $$$ for such ambitious project. Also, what's up with the Japanese & Korean Villas? Maybe they should incorporate more Malaysian culture into the design

Rachel Melody said...

impressive right found this video when my fren share it out. find some info saying that they wan built since 2007 n take up to 4 years mean next year but not really hear any news from that.....

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