Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Final Exam coming

Gosh!!! is September now.
I hate this month not due to many people birthday but final exam.
September is a month where you can find many public holiday & is the best time to go travel.
Is always a bad month for Utar student because September month is for final exam.
While people are enjoying Hari Raya holiday but Utar student are busying to study, study & study for final.
I feel pity for Malay student who study here because they cant enjoy their festival day happily and yet need to worry + study for final exam.
As many people said UTAR = Universiti Tak Ada Rehat. LOL
When final exam coming, I always have difficulties to & insomnia for sometimes. I will wake up to study, study & study even do in sleepy mood. When I try to sleep, my mind full of thing regarding to exam that make me not able to sleep just like NOW, I am blogging to release what I feel into my blog & keep on mind to think other thing so I can sleep later.
I am sure is due to stress for final exam. No matter how stressful the life still need to go on.
Will try my best for final. GAMBATE!!


acura said...

Don't be so stressed out la. You rehat for so long already right hehe Add oil & Ganbate la

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