Saturday, September 24, 2011

The day have been waiting for!

The day I have been waited for so long and finally is here. Feeling excited when the day is here.

After 5 years hard work in UTAR, finally here is my convocation.
setting up
Guest of honour
Sang our UTAR song
Melody & Acura
A bit blur
I finally graduated =)
Thank you for the gifts
My primary schoolmate until Uni mate
Lovely coursemate
Thank you for everything =)
Few years study at UTAR really make myself become mature. I am glad that I able to meet my lovely housemate in Kampar & my friends. Thank you for my parents and friends who support me all the way. Of course, I need to thank Acura coming back to attend my convocation. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tasty Chicken at Miri by Pass

I enjoy my trip at Miri because I eat everyday :p Well this time we had dinner at this shop where they I really no idea what is the shop name by is located at Miri by pass.

this is the house next to the shop
This is the shop
Acura order Wat Tan Hor @ Flat Rice Noodles with gravy egg
Hokkien Mee
WS order Fried Kolok Mee
This shop is not famous for the noodles but their chicken.
Love it & taste good
Not very sure with the exact location but if you are using Miri by pass then you turn to left to the road & you will see this shop crowded with people. I miss that!! I will be back for it =)
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