Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bangkok Trip - Day 2

Continues from the previous post. After a nice sleep on the 1st day, we are energetic enough to shop until drop today haha

everyone is happy because is SHOPPING DAY!
I love their cereal... this milk really taste good
is different from the one we have in Malaysia
the breakfast area
pool table for guess & is free =)
Jiki with her breakfast
Rachel & Sylvia
walking along Patpong Street
something like in HK where the signboard is along the street
Dinosaur as a guard of the restaurant :p
We take train from Sala Daeng to Siam
the train station
Jiki & Rachel @ Siam Paragon
Yeah! We at Siam Paragon!

We was there too early & need to wait the shopping mall to open ( I guess we are too excited until everyone wake up early & prepare LOL). So we walk to Central World.

I don know you, you don know me ;p
We walk to Central World & they also haven open =( so we took picture around. After that we walk to Pratunam Market. While on the way to Pratunam, we went to currency exchange (Super Nice) to change Thai Bath. Their rate is cheaper than in Malaysia. We thought Pratunam is near but is far ( take a taxi next time).

So sorry that we did not take photo of Pratunam because everyone is busy shopping & hand full with clothes & shoes hahaha The thing there is very cheap. For Thai Bath 85 you can buy a short pants where you cant even find it at Malaysia with this price & quality.

We spend 6 hours at Pratunam & everyone shop until drop =) We even miss our lunch but the weird is that we did not feel hungry at all ( might due to busy with shopping, LOL) After done with shopping we feel hungry hehe so we took cab to Siam Paragon & have lunch at Shabushi.

even inside also 26C
Which drinks you prefer?
Cucumber Sushi
I love it!
Fruits & pudding
Dumpling & it really taste good =)
Slice Bacon/ Beef ( not remember ;p)
Seafood Tofu

We was so lucky to meet with Tom Cruise =)
He is so kind
So gentleman
So friendly :)

Besides that we also meet with Tony Jaa
Prepare to fight
Dont come near us or someone get hurt!
Jiki & Sylvia @ Siam Discovery
Rachel & Kenneth
Only available in BKK
After that we went back to hostel taking crab & it only cost 100BHt where is cheaper than we take MRT. 100bht share between 4 person is only 25bht where is only RM2.50. We was full after the Shabushi so we decide to go 7-11 again for supper.

My stuffs. Crazy right? hehe
Everything here cost RM360
Can you buy this much using RM360 in Malaysia?
Proud of my shopping stuffs :p
Jiki stuffs
Sylvia is crazy like me haha
Kenneth stuffs

We really happy today even shop until drip because you can buy this cheap in Malaysia. We really went to 7-11 to buy supper again. We really love Thailand 7-11 =)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bangkok Trip (Day 1)

We have waited for so long for this trip & we feel excited. This BKK trip I went with my 3 lovely housemates (Kenneth, Sylvia & Jiki). Since I m from Kl Sentral so we going to gather at Bandar Tasik Selatan & take bus together to LCCT.

ERL ticket KL sentral to LCCT (RM 12.50)

the train is empty

We will take 3.30pm flight & due to some reason the flight delay for 1 hour (this is Airasia) So the time we reach BKK is already late =(
on the way to BKK
The cloud just like cotton candy =)
Chao Phraya River?
We at BKK!
Going to landing
everything is so near now =)
Suvarnabhumi Airport
A flight is departing
4 different country time...
After check out & take our luggage is already late. We take train to the city center which is more cheaper come to taxi.
in the train =) even do is blur but I still like the photo =)
When reach town we take MRT to our hostel (take a nap). The hostel is comfortable & the staff is friendly. We enjoy our stay here.
cozy little washroom & table
the room
Jiki is at 2nd floor
another extra bed at 2nd floor
I love the seashells divider
After check in & have some rest we went to the nearest 7-11 for dinner ( We still not familiar with the place). Their 7-11 is different from the one we have in Malaysia. They provide variety of choices of food to choose & you can even heat the food.
many choice
Hotdog or rice or noodles?
Hotdog spaghetti (Sorry is blur)
Another type of spaghetti
Cheesy Macaroni
Stir Fried Basil Chicken with Rice

We really enjoy the food because is cheap & tasty, We bought a drink name Meiji. Is absolutely thumb up for that. You must drink it when you at BKK. After the dinner we went back to our hotel because is already late & we are so tired. Well that all for the first day & We need to prepare for tomorrow morning hehe
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