Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bali Trip, Day 3 & 4

On the 3rd day at Bali, we spend most of our time at Kuta because we already cover most of the famous place in Bali. After outing for so many places on the 1st & 2nd days, is time to relax ourselves at hotel & beach.

Picture before went to beach ^^
the group photo

Kuta beach is a good place for surfing. Besides surfing you may try swimming, sunbathing & kite flying too. Well, non of us is fans of water sport so we just cam-whoring at the beach =p

love the beach
can you see how strong is the wave?
messy hair due to windy =p
I love beach
they love it too ^^

We spend almost 3 hours at the beach & feel tired after playing for so long. Once we reach hotel, we relax ourselves at swimming pool & play games. After 2 hours, went back to our room & have some rest. Soon found out that, we still got a lot of money left so we went to SHOPPING ^-^

I'm millionaire. haha

We try out Mcdonalds at Bali & we found out this set is special where we cant find in Malaysia.

Scramble egg, fried chicken & rice.

After tired of shopping, we went to have mouth watering at Flapjaks. I really love their dessert is really tasty. Go for a try if you went to Bali.
Ice cream waffle with caramel
Waffle with chocolate topping of vanilla
we really love this....
blue berry pancakes

The picture show is ugly but I can said that you will ask for more. There are some alcohol but dont worry you wont get drunk. LOL

this is what I bought
but feel regret that I bought so less =(

We sleep early that day because there are flight to catch early in the morning. We need to reach airport before 7am. After check in, we waiting to depart. The flight reach on time & is time to leave Bali.
Good bye Bali

I really miss the day at Bali. I love the environment here. I will be back again =)

Notes to take : reserve IDR 150,000 for airport tax.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bali Trip Day 2, Tanoh Lot, Tegalalang, Kintamani & Tampak Siring

After having a nice sleep on the first night, we continue to explore Bali. Our tour guide, Mr Putu pick us up at 8.30am and bring us to the place according to itinerary. After those batik painting, barong dance and smith work we went to Tampak Siring for temple visit. This temple Pura Titra Empul is one of the six important temples in Bali. We walk around the enormous temple and impressed with the architecture.

Tampak Siring
Tampak Siring Holy Water
God prayer
in front the temple
Peace ^^

After visit at Tampak Siring, we continue to Kintamani. A tourist thing can do here is enjoy the lunch at one of the restaurant that sit by the hill side. The temperature here is cooler compare to other place. Just bring along your jacket. The time we reach is raining & cloudy so cant see the spectacular view of Mount Batur.
Kintamani Volcano
Kintamani Volcano
Lake Tabur
We love the environment =)

Mr Putu bring us at Grand Puncak Sari restaurant. They charge us IDR 80,000 + 21% tax but after negotiation they charge us IDR 70,000 + 21% tax. There are variety of choices & the one I love the most is pork satay. Thumb up for that. The food remain because it is heated by candles underneath the trays.

Gado-gado? or Rojak?
Coffee or Tea Sir?

We hopped into the car & continue our journey to Tegalalang Terrace. The view of this rice terrace is just spectacular.
Terrace Paddy Field @ Tegalalang
Terrace Paddy Field @ Tegalalang
Melody & paddy field
paddy field along the way

We do when to Pasar Seni Sukawati market. Don't bother to buy anything at those tourist destination because the things here is much more cheaper compare to other place. Mr Putu give us 1 hour to shop but it seem not enough for us. We really do bought a lot of thing here & price is still under negotiation.

After shopping, we heading to out last destination we visited Tanah Lot. This place is one of the most popular place you need to visit when you in Bali. Tanah Lot is famous with the view of sunset. We love the sunset here comparing to Jimbaran but we didn't manage to take photo because we enjoying the view.

Tanah Lot entrance
Tanah Lot Temple

Actually it just a simple temple standing on the rock formation in the sea. You need to cross over to get into the temple. It is one of the most famous temple & is dedicated to the guardian spirits of the windy ^-^
playing with scarf, windy
another rock formation besides the temple
see the sky colour?We manage to cross over & visit the temple =)

After enough of exploring the area and taking pics, we heading to our car. On the way, we manage to buy grilled corn on the cob & it taste good where it only cost IDR 10,000. After spend 12 hours exploring Bali is time to back to our hotel for some rest because we going to the beach tomorrow =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bali Trip ( Day 1)

On early January, I had trip with my friends to Bali, Denpasar. We spend 4D3N there where is enough for us. We book tour guide there so that he can bring us around. Our tour guide Mr Putu ( charged us IDR 600,000 during our stay there. Here is our itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Ngurah Rai- Bali Airport, Visit Uluwatu, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Jimbaran Bay - Dinner, Check-in Hotel

Day 2:
Batubulan - Barong Dance show , Celuk - Silver smith works, Sukawati - Shopping, Mas - Wood carvings, Batnan/Ubud - Traditional oil paintings , Tampak Siring/Pura Tirta Empul - Bali culture, Kitaman - Lunch view over the caldera lake (Danau Batur), Tegallalang - Rice terrace Visit Tanah Lot - View sunset

Day 3: explore Kuta

Day 4: To airport.

Our flight to Bali is at 11.50am & will reach there at 2.45pm. We got our tickets for RM125 from Airasia 2 month back. After settle everything at the airport, we went out & saw our tour guide. According to the itinerary, we are going to Uluwatu & due to my clumsy I forget to inform the hotel that we will check in late so we went to hotel before going to Uluwatu. We stay at Kuta Beach Club, Kuta. I really recommend this place because there is many dining area, shopping & Kuta Beach is just less than 5 min walk from the hotel. The total charges for hotel is RM1,150 for 2 rooms for 4D3N.

little hut in the hotel
swimming pool
restaurant beside the pool

almost reach our room
our room
We stay at level 2 & there is a big balcony where you can sit & enjoy the scenery

After check in & put our belonging in the room, we are heading to Uluwatu. We really like the view & scenery at Uluwatu. Is awesome.

many tourists
BEWARE of monkeys that snatch visitors belonging including bags, cameras and eyeglasses.
Sylvia & Melody
Seafood dinner while enjoying sunset at Jimbaran
I love sunset
Bye Bye sunset

Well after the seafood dinner at Jimbaran we back to our hotel to have some rest because more place to go tomorrow.

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