Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bali Trip, Day 3 & 4

On the 3rd day at Bali, we spend most of our time at Kuta because we already cover most of the famous place in Bali. After outing for so many places on the 1st & 2nd days, is time to relax ourselves at hotel & beach.

Picture before went to beach ^^
the group photo

Kuta beach is a good place for surfing. Besides surfing you may try swimming, sunbathing & kite flying too. Well, non of us is fans of water sport so we just cam-whoring at the beach =p

love the beach
can you see how strong is the wave?
messy hair due to windy =p
I love beach
they love it too ^^

We spend almost 3 hours at the beach & feel tired after playing for so long. Once we reach hotel, we relax ourselves at swimming pool & play games. After 2 hours, went back to our room & have some rest. Soon found out that, we still got a lot of money left so we went to SHOPPING ^-^

I'm millionaire. haha

We try out Mcdonalds at Bali & we found out this set is special where we cant find in Malaysia.

Scramble egg, fried chicken & rice.

After tired of shopping, we went to have mouth watering at Flapjaks. I really love their dessert is really tasty. Go for a try if you went to Bali.
Ice cream waffle with caramel
Waffle with chocolate topping of vanilla
we really love this....
blue berry pancakes

The picture show is ugly but I can said that you will ask for more. There are some alcohol but dont worry you wont get drunk. LOL

this is what I bought
but feel regret that I bought so less =(

We sleep early that day because there are flight to catch early in the morning. We need to reach airport before 7am. After check in, we waiting to depart. The flight reach on time & is time to leave Bali.
Good bye Bali

I really miss the day at Bali. I love the environment here. I will be back again =)

Notes to take : reserve IDR 150,000 for airport tax.


jfook said...


Rachel Melody said...

is awesome... will be there again =)

Bite Bite said...

nice, got some good information. i will be going bali this july.

Rachel Melody said...

Bite bite : thx for dropping by my blog........ hope the info can help you when you go to Bali ^^

Anonymous said...

nice blog and good information for bali trip

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