Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragon-i @ Queensbay Penang

I visited Penang with my bf few month back 
and we have our lunch at  Dragon-i Queensbay Mall.....
Dragon-I has good marketing strategy where they put up a glass before the entrance at all restaurants so you can see the chefs prepare noodles and meat dumplings.
Actually this draws attention to the passerby.....
They have wide varieties of menu that suitable for large group of diner but
 we cant try much of the food since is just 2 of us
so we just order...

xiao long pao is a steamed small dumplings with minced pork fillings in soup.
This is a must when you dine at Dragon-i. It cost RM8 for four pieces. 

Fried La Mian with seafood (RM16)

La Mian with minced meat and mushroom in spicy sauce
RM14 if not mistaken

Steamed egg yolk custard bun, RM6

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vegas Kitchen @ Bandar Baru Kampar

On Tuesday, my boyfriend visited me in Kampar and bringing needed warmth from him ^-^
Since this is not the first time he come, so i decided bring him to eat something special rather than claypot chicken rice or chicken chop rice.
I has choose Vegas for dinner tonight together with a friend Desmond
I call Vegas to make reservation before I go.
Few week back, I went there with my housemate and guess what the place is full of student and some had waited for almost half hour for a table.
So make sure that you make reservation before you GO!
Vegas Kitchen opened on January 2010,
this restaurant serve western food and famous with their burger.
you can choose three type of patty which is chicken, beef and fish
our drink.....

Frost Root Beer

Ice Lemon Tea

Since is famous with burger, so I just choose without thinking....
3 of us also order Obama burger
it serve in 2 layer so you can choose 2 type of patty to be served.

Obama burger with chicken & deep fried beef patty as well as a fried egg, 1 slice of cheese,
french fries , and lots of greens.....

Obama with chicken and fish

Photo of my first time visit with my housemate

my order 1 layer burger (beef) but I cannot recall what is the name.

Chicken Nake Burger

Obama burger

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tao Cuisine & Lounge at Sunway Giza

Tao Cuisine and Lounge introduce All-You-Can-Eat ala-carte buffet. The buffet concept offers unlimited service with customer's food ordering from the menu provided at the table with more than 130 items to choose with unlimited choice.
customer can order any items from the menu and they can repeat order without any limits until to dinner satisfaction. Basically all the dishes are served in small portion for every single order, its makes customers enjoy the varieties of food from the menu.

My friend recommended Tao to me and since I'm food lover, I would like to go for a try
I have been to few buffet restaurant before so I did not expect so much on this but my impression change when I reach there.
Just after we sit, the waiter introduce us how Tao buffet works and recommended the
top ten dishes that customer usually order.
The good taste great and this is the best buffet I have so far ^-^

Abalone slice

fresh oyster & prawn

mix vegetable

beef teriyaki (if not mistaken)

Matoyaki Scallop

Lamb Teriyaki

Golden cup Tuna

Butter fish

Mantis Prawn




Crab meat with cheese


Highly recommend this place to buffet lover

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peter curry fish head

I always lazy to write blog.... I remember the last post I write is 1 years ago...
Today I don't know why my mood come to update my blog....
and I think I already posted 2 blog in one day.....
I been a food lover after in a realationship with my boyfriend and we started to find food with little cute myvi ^^
So on 22.June, we decided to go for Peter curry fish head
This shop located at Taman P.Ramlee Setapak
there are number of customer waiting therefore to avoid disappointment
be there early for table
moreover, you can add for additional prawn and squid with extra charge
since is just 2 of us so we order a small curry fish head and vegetable

curry fish head

poached cabbage with soya sauce

The picture quality shown is not nice due to
taken by my nokia 5530

Tanjung tualang and Kellies Castle

Is already more than 1 years I have been studying in Kampar.
I already use to the life here and enjoy with my housemate
I back every week too *wink*
I remember my 1st post  about Kampar saying the place is boring and inconvenient,
 now I can said that the place change me and my lifestyle.

Last week, I was in Kampar during the weekend and one of my housemate plan to
eat seafood at Tanjung Tualang (15min from kampar)
Is really difficult to go there if you don't know the place
and we ask many people and finally reach our destination ( ^^)
Tanjung Tualang was once a mining area but the area has converted to become freshwater pond to brred freshwater prawn.
there are many seafood restaurant and we ended up pick
 Lung Seng
the medium prawn cost RM60 per kg and we had 1kg of medium prawn prepare in 2 ways
the 1st is 

steamed prawn with chinese wine and egg white

butter prawn


fried oyster

we did order vegetable but we already cant resist to eat the prawn we just ignore the photo of the vegetable (^^) 
is the best and yummy lunch we had

after lunch at tanjung tualang, we saw a sign where is near to Batu Gajah
so we decided to go Kellies Castle

at the entrance of the castle
and soon we discover my housemate species a BEAR!!

what do you see? Do it look like bear?

we spend almost 1hour there before ended our journey back to Kampar
I enjoy so much with you all ^-^

group photo of the day ^-^


My midterm started last week where I had done 2 paper out of 4
Yesterday is my 3rd paper for midterm which is Portfolio management
I was shock when receive the question paper because really no idea what the question asking about. I can see that people is cheating and asking their friend what is the answer.
I remember someone who sit behind me, I admire her (even do is wrong).
The lecturer ask us to hand out the answer sheet and when I stand and prepare to walk down.
I see the girl taking out the notes and copy answer from the notes.
I was OMG~~~
it happen to one of friend too where he snap those notes photo into his phone and copy the answer with that. 
I was thinking is that one of the use of having camera phone?
cheating can be high technology nowadays. hahaha
One more cheating action where some people print out small notes and put behind the student ID card where the word is tiny than ants.
I really don understand how he going to read with that small and tiny notes.

I wish I can do that but everytime I think and think 
actually midterm is to test our understanding on the particular subject
CHEATING in Exam is a wrongful action

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