Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vegas Kitchen @ Bandar Baru Kampar

On Tuesday, my boyfriend visited me in Kampar and bringing needed warmth from him ^-^
Since this is not the first time he come, so i decided bring him to eat something special rather than claypot chicken rice or chicken chop rice.
I has choose Vegas for dinner tonight together with a friend Desmond
I call Vegas to make reservation before I go.
Few week back, I went there with my housemate and guess what the place is full of student and some had waited for almost half hour for a table.
So make sure that you make reservation before you GO!
Vegas Kitchen opened on January 2010,
this restaurant serve western food and famous with their burger.
you can choose three type of patty which is chicken, beef and fish
our drink.....

Frost Root Beer

Ice Lemon Tea

Since is famous with burger, so I just choose without thinking....
3 of us also order Obama burger
it serve in 2 layer so you can choose 2 type of patty to be served.

Obama burger with chicken & deep fried beef patty as well as a fried egg, 1 slice of cheese,
french fries , and lots of greens.....

Obama with chicken and fish

Photo of my first time visit with my housemate

my order 1 layer burger (beef) but I cannot recall what is the name.

Chicken Nake Burger

Obama burger


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