Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dessert Master @ Miri

Miri here I come again ^-^ Reach here on Christmas day to meet Acura. After dinner, we went for 'tong sui' (dessert) at Boulevard.

Order & make payment at the counter

In less than 10 min, waitress served us the dessert.
Here there are

Herbal Jelly (RM3)
Red bean paste with sago & barley (RM3)
It look ugly but the taste is good ^^
Mango Sago Pamelo (RM6) @ 'Yong Ji Gum Lo'
I love the taste but they said ok ok only.

Overall, the dessert is good and environment is comfortable. I see people chatting and gathering here. If you are craving for dessert in Miri, do have a try at Dessert Master.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brunei - Excapade Sushi

If anyone talk about sushi in Miri, usually they are refer to the sushi in neighbor countries, Brunei. Since I at Miri, of course we will heading to Brunei for trip ^-^

You need to fill up this form at the immigration
Is photo time :)
The signboard show exit to BSB
11okm to BSB
Here we are
Excapade Sushi @ Gadong branch
Spot Mcdonalds in Brunei but did not go for a try
Wasabi & ginger
2 hot green tea
Salmon- fresh & love it
Grill Salmon but the weird is the behind portion is still raw- no need for me to tell you how delicious it was! (You just stare the photo :P
My favorite of all time- Unagi
Hotate only cost less than 5 Brunei dollar
(if you eat at Sushi King, the portion cost RM 4 to RM5 for small plate)
The sushi is bigger than my mouth hehehe

Food varieties are wide where you might have problems thinking what to eat. There are choices of sashimi, deep fried, handroll, BBQ, and lots more. Definitely you can get something you like. In term of pricing, I would say is worth for what you eat. It is fresh and taste great and the portion is big.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tonkatsu, Pavillion

Tonkatsu located at the same floor as Tokyo Street at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. The shop located just next to Ben's. Tonkatsu - breaded, deep fried pork cutlets with shredded cabbage and miso soup and rice. Another specialty in this shop is their dip sauce.

look yummy right?
There are breaded deep fried pork loins, pork cutlet, prawns and chicken which are available in set menu that comes with a miso soup, rice and cold tofu. Prices range from RM20+ to RM30+ a set.
The ingredient they need to made the sauce
At first, the staff will made the sauce for us. Later we can do it our self because we really craving for more.
My set is here =)
Every set come with miso soup, rice & tofu. Their miso awesome. I'm craving for more.
This is the combination of fried pork & cutlet set
Acura ordered Rosu Katsu Zen
yummy yummy yummy
Is juicy & tender. You definitely will love it

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The day have been waiting for!

The day I have been waited for so long and finally is here. Feeling excited when the day is here.

After 5 years hard work in UTAR, finally here is my convocation.
setting up
Guest of honour
Sang our UTAR song
Melody & Acura
A bit blur
I finally graduated =)
Thank you for the gifts
My primary schoolmate until Uni mate
Lovely coursemate
Thank you for everything =)
Few years study at UTAR really make myself become mature. I am glad that I able to meet my lovely housemate in Kampar & my friends. Thank you for my parents and friends who support me all the way. Of course, I need to thank Acura coming back to attend my convocation. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tasty Chicken at Miri by Pass

I enjoy my trip at Miri because I eat everyday :p Well this time we had dinner at this shop where they I really no idea what is the shop name by is located at Miri by pass.

this is the house next to the shop
This is the shop
Acura order Wat Tan Hor @ Flat Rice Noodles with gravy egg
Hokkien Mee
WS order Fried Kolok Mee
This shop is not famous for the noodles but their chicken.
Love it & taste good
Not very sure with the exact location but if you are using Miri by pass then you turn to left to the road & you will see this shop crowded with people. I miss that!! I will be back for it =)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mdm Wee Food Cafe

Everyday I wake up early around 6am to fetch Acura to work. I never woke up so early unless during secondary time. I do it everyday fetch him to work & lunch so that I got car to drive around Miri.

At waiting area
Small fountain at the garden
Main entrance
Dont what is that

After that we going to have our lunch at Madam Wee where they are famous with their home made noodles & laksa. The place is packed with customers during lunch time & lucky we manage to get place to seat.
3 layer tea
This is a must to order when you at Miri. Taste much more better than in KL.
The taste is good & not too oily compare to the one I have in KL.
Taste good =)

This place have limited parking space & is crowded during lunch. I heard that there is another place famous for Laksa also but I not able to try. I hope I can try the other stall so that I can make comparison between it.
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