Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shangri-La, Tanjung Aru Kota Kinabalu & Little Italy - Day 3

Good Morning KK! Another lovely morning & weather here. Is really relaxing here, I love the environment! As usually after finish my breakfast, I will walk along the beach & enjoy my reading. Nevertheless, to snap photo ^^
Lovely Weather 
Is full with tourist, no chance to seat near
 Can you see the clear water
Reading my Favorite book

Is relaxing here, I hope I can stay longer to enjoy everything here as I will be leaving tomorrow.

We always went out for dinner & need to a cab because the resort is 15min from town. Cab here seldom used meter but don'y worry, the price they charge are reasonable. Tonight we  had our dinner at Little Italy. ABesides spaghetti, there are also several pasta to choose such as fettuccine & ravioli. Moreover, you can choose 4 types of  sauce such as tomato, seafood, olive own and cream.
Little Italy - Pasta & Pizza Corner
We ordered Lemonade - I love it
Little Italy.
Signature Dish-Grill Beef Fillet in Mushroom sauce
It come with a large portion and is yummy.
Ravioli Pasta - super duper yummy
Even do it look ugly but don't judge by the appearance. It will give you a WOW!!

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