Friday, April 29, 2011

Noble House Buffet Lunch

Last week I went back to KL for dentist & is my cousin sister birthday. Feel lucky that I m back because going to eat nice food on the coming weekend to celebrate my cousin birthday at Noble House, Jalan Imbi. Iwent here for few times but did not manage to post about that. Well, this time I prepared everything to snap photo & of course bring my empty stomach for the buffet =)

Noble house offer kind of new wave Chinese buffet where is only available on Sunday & Public holidays from 11.30am to 2.30pm. There price for 1 person is RM 40+ which each person is served with a bowl of Braised Shark Fin with Crab meat. Currently they are having promotion buy 7 free 1.

at the entrance
We are the 1st customer ;p Our main dish is served after we seated
Braised Shark Fin with Crab Meat
Fresh & juicy Prawn
Oyster :)
Sashimi Prawn
too many choices
yam ball
make me drool
more & more
everything is yummy
Roasted Pork....
a dish that cannot miss out. This will make you craving for more

forget what is this but taste good =)
BBQ pork.....a bit salty
Salad session
colorful sushi
my cute cousin
noodles & claypot session
Their Shanghai La Mian is the best, you cant miss out!
dim sum session
baked cheese oyster..... Cheesyyyyy
1st round
2nd round
Salmon... love it
After a short while here come the Peking duck. You definitely will love it!

There are many type of dessert besides that ice cream. The place start to crowd after 12pm because is lunch time & you can spend at least 2 hours to enjoy all the food they served. This buffet spread it value for money. Do bring your family & friends along =)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miri Vacation - Day 5 (last day)

At last this is the last post I write about my vacation at Miri, it takes almost 2 week to finish it. Time pass fast where my vacation in Miri going to end soon. Feel hard to leave Acura but I cannot do anything since he have to work here. Early in the morning, we meet up with Ivan & Vivi where they bring us to Hopoh Canteen in Krokop (if not mistaken) for famous Kueh Chap. Kueh Chap is non halal food that served with pig internal organs, flat noodles & herb soup. Well, I don't really like to eat animal internal organs so we requested not to put in those & replace it with other.

braised pork, tofu, taufu pok and half boiled eggs.

I never try in West Malaysia before & I really love it =)

After that, we had visit to Ivan new house before heading back hotel to pack my things. Time past fast as it already last day & I need to go back to KL alone without Acura with me this time =(
photo taken @ Miri airport before depart back to KL ♥♥

I feel want to cried out when I want to leave =( I wish I could stay longer with Him
on the way back to KL
almost reach KLIA

Is really enjoyable trip but sadly Acura stay there while I back alone =(
I know he feel the same but I wont be that sad because I know he don't want me to become like that.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miri Vacation - Day 4 (Part 2)

This is continuous from previous post. After visit to Canada Hill, we went back to Marriott to enjoy our sunset. The sunset really lovely & beautiful =)

Acura waiting for sunset.....
enjoy my sunset
lovely sunset
I like the sky colours
enjoying my sunset :)

Do you enjoy the sunset? We really enjoy the sunset & moment we spent together. We head back to our room after that & have some rest. Later, we will have dinner together with our friends, Ivan & Vivi at Taman Awam =)

Replica of Grand Old Lady @ Taman Awam.....

That time we was curious when one of our friend ( Mirian) bring us to have dinner at Taman Awam. We really no idea there was a restaurant there but there really is & pack with people. Due to the place is dark so the photo taken not nice because of flash (dont judge the food by the photo)

Can you see the people queuing?
Vivi & Ivan ordering food =)
Asam Fish I really love this, make me craving for more.
Is a MUST to order when you are here
Fried Chicken (second dish that must order) is crispy & tender =)
Milin with red wine again I almost eat this vege everyday for my dinner. This is the best Milin I eat for this few days ;p

Actually we ordered more than this but due to cant resist the food we continue eat without taking the picture for 2 remain dish which is fried lady fingers & toufu. The taste for this 2 dish not bad but I still prefer the first 3 dish. Thank Ivan for the lovely dinner =)

We was full after the dinner so we went back to Marriott & chat together. After few hours, they went back & Acura ask me for supper. Well, this is not because he not full but he want me to try out this restaurant, Siamese Secret at town.

What so special about this restaurant? Their specialties is pizza but there are range of western food to select such as steaks, salad, pasta & so on.

the environment
not much people since is already 11pm
peppermint tea the taste is weird for me ;p

Tadah!!!! Is their handmade pizza
We order Hawaii chicken which is my fav :)

cannot wait to try it out

The taste is good & I like their cheese. If compare to Pizza Hut I prefer this =)
That end of my Day 4 vacation at Miri =) Good night =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Miri Vacation - Day 4 (Part 1)

So fast is already 4th day in Miri tomorrow I going back to KL. Feel sad when think of it since I going to leave Acura. Today we went to Pelita to try out X cuisine. The place is full of people but lucky there are still 1 table left =) . This restaurant served rice with stone bowl. Make sure you be careful & don get hurt because the stone bowl is hot.

the menu look old but don judge a book by the cover ;p
We reach here at 1.25pm
We order 1 honey lemon & green tea honey.
I love their honey lemon =)
My food is arrived
I ordered chicken with teriyaki sauce & it taste good!
served with chicken meats, seaweeds, big onions & green peppers.
Highly recommend this =)
Acura ordered pork with scramble egg.
also served with porks, seaweeds & green peppers =)
I highly recommend this also because really taste good.....I hope there are something like this in KL. I miss this restaurant.

Our friends meet us in the restaurants & we chat for nearly 3 hours where the people is getting lesser & lesser since is already pass lunch time. So after that, me & Acura decide to have a walk at Canada Hill. Nothing has change since I am here 3 years ago. People like to jogging & hiking at this area.
Petroleum Science Museum
The museum is closed when we reach.
Is a Well I guess
the Grand Old Lady where the first oil is found.
is Acura =)
is ME :p

After a walk, we decided to go back but we stop by market to buy some white peppers as requested by my family. Stay tune for my part 2 =)
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