Monday, April 18, 2011

Miri Vacation - Day 4 (Part 1)

So fast is already 4th day in Miri tomorrow I going back to KL. Feel sad when think of it since I going to leave Acura. Today we went to Pelita to try out X cuisine. The place is full of people but lucky there are still 1 table left =) . This restaurant served rice with stone bowl. Make sure you be careful & don get hurt because the stone bowl is hot.

the menu look old but don judge a book by the cover ;p
We reach here at 1.25pm
We order 1 honey lemon & green tea honey.
I love their honey lemon =)
My food is arrived
I ordered chicken with teriyaki sauce & it taste good!
served with chicken meats, seaweeds, big onions & green peppers.
Highly recommend this =)
Acura ordered pork with scramble egg.
also served with porks, seaweeds & green peppers =)
I highly recommend this also because really taste good.....I hope there are something like this in KL. I miss this restaurant.

Our friends meet us in the restaurants & we chat for nearly 3 hours where the people is getting lesser & lesser since is already pass lunch time. So after that, me & Acura decide to have a walk at Canada Hill. Nothing has change since I am here 3 years ago. People like to jogging & hiking at this area.
Petroleum Science Museum
The museum is closed when we reach.
Is a Well I guess
the Grand Old Lady where the first oil is found.
is Acura =)
is ME :p

After a walk, we decided to go back but we stop by market to buy some white peppers as requested by my family. Stay tune for my part 2 =)


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