Sunday, November 13, 2011

Brunei - Excapade Sushi

If anyone talk about sushi in Miri, usually they are refer to the sushi in neighbor countries, Brunei. Since I at Miri, of course we will heading to Brunei for trip ^-^

You need to fill up this form at the immigration
Is photo time :)
The signboard show exit to BSB
11okm to BSB
Here we are
Excapade Sushi @ Gadong branch
Spot Mcdonalds in Brunei but did not go for a try
Wasabi & ginger
2 hot green tea
Salmon- fresh & love it
Grill Salmon but the weird is the behind portion is still raw- no need for me to tell you how delicious it was! (You just stare the photo :P
My favorite of all time- Unagi
Hotate only cost less than 5 Brunei dollar
(if you eat at Sushi King, the portion cost RM 4 to RM5 for small plate)
The sushi is bigger than my mouth hehehe

Food varieties are wide where you might have problems thinking what to eat. There are choices of sashimi, deep fried, handroll, BBQ, and lots more. Definitely you can get something you like. In term of pricing, I would say is worth for what you eat. It is fresh and taste great and the portion is big.
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