Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tonkatsu, Pavillion

Tonkatsu located at the same floor as Tokyo Street at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur. The shop located just next to Ben's. Tonkatsu - breaded, deep fried pork cutlets with shredded cabbage and miso soup and rice. Another specialty in this shop is their dip sauce.

look yummy right?
There are breaded deep fried pork loins, pork cutlet, prawns and chicken which are available in set menu that comes with a miso soup, rice and cold tofu. Prices range from RM20+ to RM30+ a set.
The ingredient they need to made the sauce
At first, the staff will made the sauce for us. Later we can do it our self because we really craving for more.
My set is here =)
Every set come with miso soup, rice & tofu. Their miso awesome. I'm craving for more.
This is the combination of fried pork & cutlet set
Acura ordered Rosu Katsu Zen
yummy yummy yummy
Is juicy & tender. You definitely will love it
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