Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mdm Wee Food Cafe

Everyday I wake up early around 6am to fetch Acura to work. I never woke up so early unless during secondary time. I do it everyday fetch him to work & lunch so that I got car to drive around Miri.

At waiting area
Small fountain at the garden
Main entrance
Dont what is that

After that we going to have our lunch at Madam Wee where they are famous with their home made noodles & laksa. The place is packed with customers during lunch time & lucky we manage to get place to seat.
3 layer tea
This is a must to order when you at Miri. Taste much more better than in KL.
The taste is good & not too oily compare to the one I have in KL.
Taste good =)

This place have limited parking space & is crowded during lunch. I heard that there is another place famous for Laksa also but I not able to try. I hope I can try the other stall so that I can make comparison between it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kent Garden @ Miri

Get sick after few days at Miri. Ivan ask me why I always sick when come to Miri hahaha But the weather at Miri is better than KL just that I drink less water so get sick. Today Acura bring me to a restaurant at Lutong. I like this environment & enjoy it.

It will be lovely during the night
Nice right!
The garden
Small little pond
Fish Pond
I like this lighting
We ordered 2 glass of watermelon juice
Roasted Chicken
It taste good!
Pineapple Fried Rice
I like the taste but Acura feel a bit weird because it include raisin, nuts & chicken floss.
I enjoy the dinner & environment. Will definitely back here when I go Miri again

Friday, August 12, 2011

Miri - Day 1

After trip to BKK, 2 week later I plan to visit Acura at Sarawak. Well, there goes another trip =)
I take the earliest flight to Miri so that I can see Acura soon.

waiting alone at LCCT =(
raining heavily but luckily it stop when want to board

After 2 hour 15min flight I reach Miri =) I feel so excited because Acura is waiting for me at the arrival hall. Is already 1 month + we did not see each other. I miss him so much! After picking me up, Acura bring me to Fisherman Kitchen at Luak Bay.

Acura order fish paste noodles...
their fish paste taste good =)
I forget the noodles name but I really like the taste a a lot but Acura does not really like it. It taste sour & a bit spicy, I like it! After that we went back home & have a rest because I m tired.
I does not like the dinner so I did not feel like posting about it so that all for my day 1 in Miri

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