Monday, May 7, 2012

Le Meridian Hotel & Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Kinabalu

I travel to Kota Kinabalu (KK) on early of March with Acura. Feel excited when Acura told me about this & of course I need to do my research before I go ^^ On the 1st day, we check in to Le Meridian Hotel where it located at the city. The hotel is in strategic location where you can find shopping places, market and easy access to food.
Hotel Lobby
Our room
Amenities provided
Sunset view from our room

KK is famous with cheap seafood so you definitely must tried. You can see seafood restaurant everywhere but of course you need to choose the best! A taxi uncle recommend us a Seafood Restaurant named Shuang Tain located at Warisan Kampung Air foodcourt. Is just 5 min walking distance from our hotel

This restaurant located at food court but all the stall are selling seafood. Suang Tain located at the end of the foodcourt & you can see the place is crowded. There are a large variety of seafood you can choose which are kept in the aquariums. Some I not ever see before such as the photo below

 Not really sure what is that but it written "Don't Touch"

Well, it really take some time to choose. Price for each kilogram is stated & they will show you the weight and charge according.
Local specialty - 3 rasa

The dish is served in a short while. Here comes the first dish:
Sabah local vegetable
I have no idea what fish is this but the meat is juicy & sweet -AWESOME! 

Here comes out final dish -LOBSTER
Is Juicy & tender with gravy butter sauce- yum yum! Thumb up for this!!
I love lobster 

The total bill for all the dishes above is about RM170 where is actually worth it. I don't think you will be able to have all the above in a cheaper price in West Malaysia. They give us their name card and there are 10% when you visit again.
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