Monday, February 6, 2012

1st Jan 2012 - Brunei

Time past fast is already in the month of February. I suppose to post this on 1st January but due to my laziness i have drag it for 1 month! Last year I spend my Christmas and New Year in Miri with Acura. On 1st day of 2012 we plan a trip to Brunei for Sushi ^-^

My Benko
Benko: Bring me for nice sushi

What you need to bring when you going to Brunei? Well here is the documents.
Passport, pass & your vehicle registration form
Our 1st stamp in 2012 ^-^

After 1 hour drive, finally we reach Excapade Sushi
My dear Acura
I love sushi
Cheesy Smoke Salmon
My all time favorite
Unagi Bento
Unagi not that nice
Super duper like their Cawanmushi
Salmon with egg- definitely must order
Our dessert: Mocha ice cream with red bean ^^

Super satisfied with the salmon feast & I don't think you can eat those at a cheaper price in Malaysia. Well after that we are heading to another place in Brunei. Want to know where are we going? Stay tuned with me ^^
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