Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spanish Cuisine @ El Meson, Jln Telawi 3, Bangsar

Me & Acura went to this restaurant El Meson at Bangsar yesterday for Acura farewell because he is going to work at Miri, Sarawak. Well, I can said that Spanish food is not popular in our country but why not just have a try on it so I bought this voucher at dealmates that cost RM 70 for 3 dish ( Cold cuts + Suckling pig + Paella Valenciana) We make reservation in the morning for our dinner around 6pm.


The shop located opposite Bangsar Village 2. The restaurant is nicely decorated with paintings and there is a bar at the entrance & sitting tables around it. Tables are decorated with candles & make the environment romantic =)


a lot of wines....

candles on the table...
chef cutting cold cuts....
me comb

photo session =)

We order a cup of latte & cappuccino during our dining & it taste good =)


First we are served with crusty bread slices and garlic dip. The combination is awesome. The dip is different from the garlic dip we buy at supermarket. I think is their handmade dip sauce. It make me crawl for more bread slices.


After the bread slices, we are served with appetizer which is cold cuts.Cold cuts consist of iberice, serrano, parma, salami, salchichon, melon and olive. Well, this basically means that few different type of pork served with olives and melon. The saltiness of the pork and sweetness of the melon is a good combination.
I just can said 1 word Delicious.

Cold Cuts with different type of meat...

yum yum.....
Paella Valenciana....
food serve on the plate
suckling pig
Suckling Pig.....

Acura love the suckling pig. The skin is very crispy. The meat is juicy & tender. There have a special dip for this & everything is just awesome.

After the meal is time to photo taking =)
We really enjoy the meal & the food is delicious. Highly recommend this place for Spanish cuisine.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lunch at Food Republic, Pavillion

After busy with my assignment and midterm test, finally I have to update my blog. Last week, after pay a visit to Matta Fair, we went for shopping at Bukit Bintang area because Acura wanted to buy bag and so on. Food republic at Pavilion always is my choice because is filled more than 20 stall offering variety type of food. There are food for everyone from Malay, Korea, Western, Taiwan and more. The place is clean where they will clear the tables. Tables are organize in different cluster with the surrounding by stalls.

Usually, I will order I love yoo! or little wok but this time a bit different, I order western food that located next time Teppanyaki stall. They have many set of food that look attractive. I ended up with Roasted spring chicken served with half chicken, mashed potato and coleslaw. It only cost RM 12.90. You also can try on their black pepper chicken that cost RM 13.90.


Is really taste good. The chicken is soft and juicy with the gravy sauce they pour
(not sure what kind of sauce). The mashed potato is smooth.

Acura order Korean food which is a set of bulgogi that serve with white rice and one side dish.

The taste is not bad and the sauce is slightly sweet. I still prefer my western set than this ;p

Do have a try in Food Republic next time when you at Pavilion. There is definitely a place for everyone =)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Jalan Delima, KL

I'm bread and spaghetti lover and I fell excited when I find out about this place Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. It is just located near to Noble House. The bungalow that houses Levain is beautiful. I love the spaciousness ,high ceilings & aristocratic feel. Do enjoy the environment there.

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
Can you see the giant stone oven....
We was shock when we push the door because many people are queuing. I go there on Friday and it might due to lunch time as well. No matter you at indoor or outdoor or second floor the table is fully occupied. According to the staff, the place is crowded on Friday to Sunday.
is crowded & some people are waiting for tables.
at second floor but not manage to get place too =(

As the name of the restaurant, Levain Boulangerie which is in French. The pastries sold are French style and there are a lot of fusion as well. The unique of Levain is offering stone oven baked pastries. Well I not manage to find it but you can see the giant stone oven at the entrance.

this is where they bake pastries
Pain au Seigle
many varieties =)
bread that fresh just from oven
After you make your order, you need to take the drink at the counter sell cakes. While for the food they will served to you. We are lucky to get a table beside cozy window.

Octopus bun & walnut....
(not remember the name) but I can said that is very tasty
creamy mushroom pasta

Seafood Aglio Olio (thumb up!)

Pineapple Juice
I love spaghetti!
Acura & Me
While walking around to snap some photo suddenly feel like having a slice of pizza since is freshly baked. So I bought it ;p
Not bad....
Finally I bought macaroon
Levain do sell macaroon you can order from them if you want to purchase a lot.
Satisfy with the food they serve. It worth every single penny you spend.
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