Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ipoh Trip (Part 1) Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau

Acura come visited me last week at Kampar so we decided to have lunch at Ipoh. A visit to Ipoh won’t be complete without eating the famous Ipoh Chicken Rice and Hor Fun. When mention about that this will lead to Lou Wong or Onn Kee which is located at Jalan Yau Tet Shin. Onn Kee is Lou Wong’s utmost rival where the restaurant is just besides but this time we choose to try Lou Wong. Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau has become a permanent landmark in Ipoh.

the utmost rival shop just besides each other

Is difficult to find a place to sit because is full & you stand there to wait for table. Once be seated the staff will come & take your order.

see the amount of people

Business is bustling every day especially weekend and holiday, but their service is good and fast. Food are served within 10 to 15 minutes.

luo han guo & sour plum

steam chicken

To be honest, the chicken not really impressed me & not really good as other people review. The chicken is only average compare to other steam chicken I try before. The chicken is smooth but not flavorsome.

bean sprouts

I love their bean sprouts, I can ate the whole plate of this & Acura like it too. The bean sprouts is crunchy, fresh & juicy. It is tossed lightly with soy sauce & some sesame oil.

We also ordered a bowl of chicken & pork ball where it is springy & flavor

We also order a bowl of rice & hor fun. The hor fun is slightly smooth & taste good. It went well with the clear chicken broth. The rice also taste good & a good combination with this.

hor fun

Overall, we are satisfied with the food here. I not really remember the exact amount of the bill but it only cost around RM 18 to RM 21.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice Room @ Kajang

This post should post long ago but now only I remember about that =p. That time we have family gathering at my hometown where my cousin ( Sam) treat us dinner somewhere near Kajang. After the dinner we when back to hometown where those older have their activity & the young ones have their own. Well, since the dinner did not meet the satisfaction, cousin suggest that we go for dessert & of course we are absolutely agree ^-^

Since the name is Ice Room means that we are going to eat ICE ( not those cube ice we put in the drink. LOL). Well, he bought us to Ice room Kajang where located opposite Yu hua school. Actually, I wanted to try out this shop located at Hutong Lot 10 but there are always no chance for that.
Ice room Kajang branch
inside environment
It has a nice interior design and they also provide outdoor but of course we will choose the place with aircond =p

spotted this little guy. Kawaii

It's a nice place to hangout for eating Ice!
so many variety, I duno which too choose!

I forget what this called but is something like mochi and it taste good. We ordered 2 plate of this
Mango Snow Ice
Nut Case ( Peanut Snow Ice)
Yamy Yamy ( Yam Snow Ice)
BlueBerry Snow Ice
Go Green ( Green Tea Snow Ice)

I doesn't really like green tea mix with cornflakes because it taste weird. Each of the ice cost RM8.90. They also served variety of food such as snack, western specialties and more. Is a nice place to hang out for gathering and during hot weather. Thank to cousin Sam =)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Malacca Trip Day 2 - Nyonya Cusine & Thousand Layers Cakes

From the previous post for Malacca day 1, I should continue my day 2 post. We have lunch at Bayonya restaurant since we saw many people queuing at the shop so we decided to try. Bayonya is located at Taman Melaka Raya.

After ordered the dish we decided to take photo while waiting :p

Acura bought this cute little monster shirt at Jonker walk yesterday night.

First we order Cendol. there was a hole in the middle to put in gula melaka.

Finally our dishes is arrived. Since we at baba nyonya restaurant, of course we need to order Bayonya Pongteh.

Bayonya Pongteh. (RM 9.90)
It is chicken stewed in preserved soya bean gravy, with potatoes and mushrooms.

Sotong Goreng Asam (RM 9.50)
The sourish sweet gravy was superb. The assam flavor is just nice. The squid was cooked to perfection and chewing. Thumb up for this!

Kangkung Bawang Putih (RM 6)

The total bill only cost RM 32.80 where I feel is reasonable price.

After the lunch, I ask Acura to enjoy milk crepe and he look at me. I know what kind of look he gave me "eat again". LOL. But he also walk with me to Dataran Pahlawan =)

Here we are at Nadeje. Shop that cant miss everytime I come here. Millk Crepe is a type of French cake. The name Mille Crepe is given because the cake resemble thousand layers of crepe stacked together. It is made from 20 slices of crepes as thin as a piece of paper with vanilla flavoured custard in between. The texture will definitely blow your mind away and keep you going for the second and third bite.

The Original Vanilla flavor is one my favourite but I not going to eat this time

Their new flavour Milk Crepe Melaka

I forget to snap the side of Milk Crepe Double Chocolate. On the right side Double Chocolate. It really taste good. We ordered Pink Guava as our drinks. Well RM8.50 per slide is more expensive than Secret Recipe but is worth of money.

After the dessert, we start to drive back to KL. That concluded my little Malacca journey with Acura. and of course we will be back again because Acura said is a curse hahaha

Friday, November 12, 2010

Malacca Trip Day 1 - Capitol Satay Celup

From my previous post is about lunch at Malacca now is the post about my dinner. After check in & rest, is time for food hunt. Do you know the famous food in Melaka?

Why are this people queue for so long? Why only this restaurant had so many people?
The line stretches along the row of shops leading to the restaurant, people standing by the roadside waiting patiently.

The answer is Capitol Satay Celup
Malacca has only two place for satay celup. If any of your friends bring you to other satay celup shop other than this two, bring them here. Capitol Satay Celup is one of the famous restaurant in Malacca besides than Ban Lee Siang. We never try this restaurant before so we queue for that. We waited for 1 hour 30 min. Do you think we are crazy? Well this is normal some people even waited more than 2 hours =)

here we are at in front of the shop.
Haha lucky we manage to cut the queue because people in front us come with a group where they cant fit into a small table *wink*

Once we assigned a table, the waitress ask us to pick and choose what you want from the display area while they cleaned up the table.
types of varieties
my favorite "fu chuk"
take whatever you want to eat, each stick cost RM 0.80
the most important is "yau char kuai" & a plate of bread served with cucumber

By the time you’re back to the table, a pot filled with boiling sos have appeared in the middle of the table and the waitress will then come with two huge scoops of ground peanuts and various herbs and spices to mix it all in front of you.
See the different color?
it had putted in aromatic and orgasmic peanut sauce.
Celup celup is begin. We was so hungry since we waited for so long
Guess what? Small abalone for satay celup

The boss said now they are doing promotion for abalone and other seafood. Each stick only cost RM0.80 same price with other. Each of us take 3 of this.

After finish eating, we leave quickly so that other people can take over the place. Don’t sit down there and chit chat because many people are queuing outside. I absolutely hate and despise people who do that, as you are making other people waiting unnecessarily.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Malacca Trip Day 1 - Kedai Makanan & Minuman Hip Huat

Is already more than 1 week I did not update my blog and I suppose to post it last week once I back from my Malacca trip during Deepavali. Unfortunately, I fall sick after the trip (eat too much. LOL) and I was busy with my assignment. I think Malacca is not a strange place for me because I came here more than 3 times a year. Acura said is a curse after I visited Hang Li Poh Well. HAHAHA. My friend who are from Malacca bring me to this shop and it has be my favorite every time I visit to Malacca.

My barley drink & Acura "luo han guo"

Can You guess what I m eating?

Posing =)

Well, this is my favorite Fried Prawn Wantan

this is signature dish of the restaurant & you want more after have a bite

Oyster sauce Chicken is another delight here.
The steam chicken is deboned and topping with oyster sauce, is tender & full of chew.

Claypot Porridge

You don judge it because it look ugly but it taste good.

The total bill cost RM24 where is reasonable. The shop is located along Jalan Bunga Raya but They are moving to new shop somewhere near to Tesco. The owner give me their name card but I forget where I put it.

stay with me for my food trip at Malacca
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