Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ice Room @ Kajang

This post should post long ago but now only I remember about that =p. That time we have family gathering at my hometown where my cousin ( Sam) treat us dinner somewhere near Kajang. After the dinner we when back to hometown where those older have their activity & the young ones have their own. Well, since the dinner did not meet the satisfaction, cousin suggest that we go for dessert & of course we are absolutely agree ^-^

Since the name is Ice Room means that we are going to eat ICE ( not those cube ice we put in the drink. LOL). Well, he bought us to Ice room Kajang where located opposite Yu hua school. Actually, I wanted to try out this shop located at Hutong Lot 10 but there are always no chance for that.
Ice room Kajang branch
inside environment
It has a nice interior design and they also provide outdoor but of course we will choose the place with aircond =p

spotted this little guy. Kawaii

It's a nice place to hangout for eating Ice!
so many variety, I duno which too choose!

I forget what this called but is something like mochi and it taste good. We ordered 2 plate of this
Mango Snow Ice
Nut Case ( Peanut Snow Ice)
Yamy Yamy ( Yam Snow Ice)
BlueBerry Snow Ice
Go Green ( Green Tea Snow Ice)

I doesn't really like green tea mix with cornflakes because it taste weird. Each of the ice cost RM8.90. They also served variety of food such as snack, western specialties and more. Is a nice place to hang out for gathering and during hot weather. Thank to cousin Sam =)


ken said...

never been there.. but it seems the concept is pretty cool :)

Rachel Melody said...

yup... the environment is good too... nice place for gathering

soulesscloudy said...

delicious.. i want i want....

Rachel Melody said...

soulesscloudy : go and hv a try, they have many branches

Nikel Khor said...

nice place to eat ICE

pandit sharma said...

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