Friday, November 12, 2010

Malacca Trip Day 1 - Capitol Satay Celup

From my previous post is about lunch at Malacca now is the post about my dinner. After check in & rest, is time for food hunt. Do you know the famous food in Melaka?

Why are this people queue for so long? Why only this restaurant had so many people?
The line stretches along the row of shops leading to the restaurant, people standing by the roadside waiting patiently.

The answer is Capitol Satay Celup
Malacca has only two place for satay celup. If any of your friends bring you to other satay celup shop other than this two, bring them here. Capitol Satay Celup is one of the famous restaurant in Malacca besides than Ban Lee Siang. We never try this restaurant before so we queue for that. We waited for 1 hour 30 min. Do you think we are crazy? Well this is normal some people even waited more than 2 hours =)

here we are at in front of the shop.
Haha lucky we manage to cut the queue because people in front us come with a group where they cant fit into a small table *wink*

Once we assigned a table, the waitress ask us to pick and choose what you want from the display area while they cleaned up the table.
types of varieties
my favorite "fu chuk"
take whatever you want to eat, each stick cost RM 0.80
the most important is "yau char kuai" & a plate of bread served with cucumber

By the time you’re back to the table, a pot filled with boiling sos have appeared in the middle of the table and the waitress will then come with two huge scoops of ground peanuts and various herbs and spices to mix it all in front of you.
See the different color?
it had putted in aromatic and orgasmic peanut sauce.
Celup celup is begin. We was so hungry since we waited for so long
Guess what? Small abalone for satay celup

The boss said now they are doing promotion for abalone and other seafood. Each stick only cost RM0.80 same price with other. Each of us take 3 of this.

After finish eating, we leave quickly so that other people can take over the place. Don’t sit down there and chit chat because many people are queuing outside. I absolutely hate and despise people who do that, as you are making other people waiting unnecessarily.


FaDLi said...

thanks...will try to find this restaurant this weekend!

Anonymous said...

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BESS Kopitiam said...

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pandit sharma said...

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