Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dinner @ Miri, Day 1

This is continuous of my previous post, after checking in & settle down in the hotel. We went for dinner with few of our friends in Miri. They come & fetch us at Marriott hotel around 7pm. Before they come, we take the opportunities to walk around lobby & snap photo.

Hotel Lobby
small fountain at the lobby
the founded of Marriott

They bring us to a shop behind Mega hotel name Seng Kee Food Center. The food taste not bad but a bit salty. The dish that I does not like the most is the sweet & sour pork.

Seng Kee food centre
3 layer tea, I like it =)
Seaweed soup
Not really prefer this soup because is tasteless
sweet & soup pork
does not taste nice also =(
minced pork taufu
Milin with red wine
Milin is a type of vegetable. I only found this vege in Sarawak & seldom see this at Peninsula.
I will eat this everytime I come to Miri but this restaurant Milin did not meet my expectation
Mani with egg

My mum used to cook with pan mee or boil with soup & this is first time I eat stir fried.
The taste not bad but a bit salty.

Well, the food in this place is not really nice in my opinion but you can have a try when you are there =)


Nava Krishnan said...

Mani with eggs is the most popular one at Miri, eat this almost every meal when I was at Miri.

kumfye said...

hawker stall food always my first choice to and tasty...and got the feel

Rachel Melody said...

Nava: ya, i see almost all the table order that =)
Kumfye: the price not cheap it cost 80++

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