Friday, April 29, 2011

Noble House Buffet Lunch

Last week I went back to KL for dentist & is my cousin sister birthday. Feel lucky that I m back because going to eat nice food on the coming weekend to celebrate my cousin birthday at Noble House, Jalan Imbi. Iwent here for few times but did not manage to post about that. Well, this time I prepared everything to snap photo & of course bring my empty stomach for the buffet =)

Noble house offer kind of new wave Chinese buffet where is only available on Sunday & Public holidays from 11.30am to 2.30pm. There price for 1 person is RM 40+ which each person is served with a bowl of Braised Shark Fin with Crab meat. Currently they are having promotion buy 7 free 1.

at the entrance
We are the 1st customer ;p Our main dish is served after we seated
Braised Shark Fin with Crab Meat
Fresh & juicy Prawn
Oyster :)
Sashimi Prawn
too many choices
yam ball
make me drool
more & more
everything is yummy
Roasted Pork....
a dish that cannot miss out. This will make you craving for more

forget what is this but taste good =)
BBQ pork.....a bit salty
Salad session
colorful sushi
my cute cousin
noodles & claypot session
Their Shanghai La Mian is the best, you cant miss out!
dim sum session
baked cheese oyster..... Cheesyyyyy
1st round
2nd round
Salmon... love it
After a short while here come the Peking duck. You definitely will love it!

There are many type of dessert besides that ice cream. The place start to crowd after 12pm because is lunch time & you can spend at least 2 hours to enjoy all the food they served. This buffet spread it value for money. Do bring your family & friends along =)


• Stephanie • said...

OMG,I see plenty of fooooooooooooood~~~

ahJamJam said...

OMG, they look delicious! *slurp!

Nava.K said...

Its worthwhile buffet, plenty to eat and some of fav is there, esp the roast pork.

devika kiran said...

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