Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ming Court (Min Kok) Dimsum @ Ipoh

Last week, me & my housemate when to Ipoh for dim sum. When talk about dim sum I can wake up early just for it =) We depart from Ipoh at 7.30am & reach there around 8.30am since is a bit jam. Though want to try out Foshan but unfortunately the restaurant did not open on that day so we went to Ming Court. The restaurant is just opposite Foshan dim sum. Once step in, the place is crowded with people. Lucky that time there are one table left.

After seated I see outside & it started to queue. Feel lucky that we manage to get there a bit earlier ;p
The food are served less than 30 second after you seated. Very effective & efficiency right? hehe Less than 1 minutes the table is full with food =)

less than 1min the table is full with this ;p
We love Dim sum
Fried Wantan with mayonnaise
Beancurd. My favourite =)
Steamy Glutinous Rice @ 'Loh Mai Kai'
Pork rolled in beancurd with sweet & sour
Love this a lot & we reorder ;)
Steamed pork ribs.
The ribs is tender & juicy
another high recommendation :)
'Fishball @ Yu mai' I like this a lot, is different from the one I eat at KL
Prawn Dumpling. Love the prawn
'Mua chi' My friend said is only available at Ming Court. I like this & is chewy
Egg tarts
Steamed buns with barbeque marinated pork @ 'Char Siew Pau'
The bun really taste good, soft & juicy.

The total damage is Rm 70 where I feel is reasonable compare to the price at KL.

After this Dimsum trip, I feel that KL dim sum is normal where I prefer the Dimsum here =) Really satisfied with the breakfast I have today. Will be back again =)


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