Thursday, April 21, 2011

Miri Vacation - Day 4 (Part 2)

This is continuous from previous post. After visit to Canada Hill, we went back to Marriott to enjoy our sunset. The sunset really lovely & beautiful =)

Acura waiting for sunset.....
enjoy my sunset
lovely sunset
I like the sky colours
enjoying my sunset :)

Do you enjoy the sunset? We really enjoy the sunset & moment we spent together. We head back to our room after that & have some rest. Later, we will have dinner together with our friends, Ivan & Vivi at Taman Awam =)

Replica of Grand Old Lady @ Taman Awam.....

That time we was curious when one of our friend ( Mirian) bring us to have dinner at Taman Awam. We really no idea there was a restaurant there but there really is & pack with people. Due to the place is dark so the photo taken not nice because of flash (dont judge the food by the photo)

Can you see the people queuing?
Vivi & Ivan ordering food =)
Asam Fish I really love this, make me craving for more.
Is a MUST to order when you are here
Fried Chicken (second dish that must order) is crispy & tender =)
Milin with red wine again I almost eat this vege everyday for my dinner. This is the best Milin I eat for this few days ;p

Actually we ordered more than this but due to cant resist the food we continue eat without taking the picture for 2 remain dish which is fried lady fingers & toufu. The taste for this 2 dish not bad but I still prefer the first 3 dish. Thank Ivan for the lovely dinner =)

We was full after the dinner so we went back to Marriott & chat together. After few hours, they went back & Acura ask me for supper. Well, this is not because he not full but he want me to try out this restaurant, Siamese Secret at town.

What so special about this restaurant? Their specialties is pizza but there are range of western food to select such as steaks, salad, pasta & so on.

the environment
not much people since is already 11pm
peppermint tea the taste is weird for me ;p

Tadah!!!! Is their handmade pizza
We order Hawaii chicken which is my fav :)

cannot wait to try it out

The taste is good & I like their cheese. If compare to Pizza Hut I prefer this =)
That end of my Day 4 vacation at Miri =) Good night =)


Nick said...

wa.. looks nice.. would like to visit one day :)

Rachel Melody said...

Sure, you can even go hiking too =)

darranlow said...

The fried chicken looks very delicious!

Rachel Melody said...

Darran: Is definitely taste good which I feel is better than KFC :P

devika kiran said...

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