Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tanjung tualang and Kellies Castle

Is already more than 1 years I have been studying in Kampar.
I already use to the life here and enjoy with my housemate
I back every week too *wink*
I remember my 1st post  about Kampar saying the place is boring and inconvenient,
 now I can said that the place change me and my lifestyle.

Last week, I was in Kampar during the weekend and one of my housemate plan to
eat seafood at Tanjung Tualang (15min from kampar)
Is really difficult to go there if you don't know the place
and we ask many people and finally reach our destination ( ^^)
Tanjung Tualang was once a mining area but the area has converted to become freshwater pond to brred freshwater prawn.
there are many seafood restaurant and we ended up pick
 Lung Seng
the medium prawn cost RM60 per kg and we had 1kg of medium prawn prepare in 2 ways
the 1st is 

steamed prawn with chinese wine and egg white

butter prawn


fried oyster

we did order vegetable but we already cant resist to eat the prawn we just ignore the photo of the vegetable (^^) 
is the best and yummy lunch we had

after lunch at tanjung tualang, we saw a sign where is near to Batu Gajah
so we decided to go Kellies Castle

at the entrance of the castle
and soon we discover my housemate species a BEAR!!

what do you see? Do it look like bear?

we spend almost 1hour there before ended our journey back to Kampar
I enjoy so much with you all ^-^

group photo of the day ^-^


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