Sunday, July 25, 2010


My midterm started last week where I had done 2 paper out of 4
Yesterday is my 3rd paper for midterm which is Portfolio management
I was shock when receive the question paper because really no idea what the question asking about. I can see that people is cheating and asking their friend what is the answer.
I remember someone who sit behind me, I admire her (even do is wrong).
The lecturer ask us to hand out the answer sheet and when I stand and prepare to walk down.
I see the girl taking out the notes and copy answer from the notes.
I was OMG~~~
it happen to one of friend too where he snap those notes photo into his phone and copy the answer with that. 
I was thinking is that one of the use of having camera phone?
cheating can be high technology nowadays. hahaha
One more cheating action where some people print out small notes and put behind the student ID card where the word is tiny than ants.
I really don understand how he going to read with that small and tiny notes.

I wish I can do that but everytime I think and think 
actually midterm is to test our understanding on the particular subject
CHEATING in Exam is a wrongful action

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