Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bee Won Korean Restaurant @ Jln Ampang

This is my first post in the year 2011 =) Early of January, my housemate suggested that we have Korean food & we choose Bee Won which located same row with Bank Simpanan Nasional. The restaurant offers authentic Korean cuisine with large portion with reasonable price. I'm not Korean food lover but after tried it I really love it!!
The big menu
7 plate for 7 of us
I try to avoid sitting at the dining area and take refuge in one of the cubicle (private room). Got homely feel right?

While waiting for the food to arrive, is time for photo taking session ^-^

After few photo, Bachan ( small side dish) arrived in big portion. Since we have 7 people we have 2 set of it & is refillable =) I just love it!

variety of Bachan
this is my favorite
We also order BBQ chicken. The waitress cooked it in front of us where the BBQ is in the middle of the table.
BBQ stove
Chicken BBQ
While waiting for the chicken to grilled. The other dish we ordered is arrived.

dduk bok yi
Mandu (Korean fried dumpling)
the dumpling skin is thinners & chewier. I can feel the juicy of the dumpling bursting out in my mouth. Love it =)
Kimchi Soup
Thumb up!
The bbq chicken is ready. You will definitely love it.
Is best to served with Ssam (Vegetable leaf wrap)
Pajeon (Korean pancake)
Kimchi Bokkeumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice)

The place has poor ventilation. You might smell like smoke after having meal there. The total bill come with RM190 with 7 bowl of white rice. Each bowl of rice cost RM5 which a bit expensive. I feel reasonable price with the huge portion. After this meal, I'm totally in love with Korean cuisine ^-^


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