Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HongKong Disneyland

Since I just started activate blogging so I would like to share all the places I went before. Few years back, me & my bf went to China trip from Shenzhen > HongKong > Macau & Guangzhou at the end of the year. We said that, we will go travel once a year. Since my excitement is about Disneyland so I would like to post this 1st.

Disneyland is one of the hotspot in HK since their opening 12 September 2005. I was happy can visit the place even do 2 years later. (outdated right?) This is the special train that we took to Disneyland. Can you spot Mickey? Hehe. The entrance fee is
HK $350. This park consist 4 section - The Main Street USA, TomorrowLand, FantasyLand & AdventureLand.

disneyland train

I started to have Disneyland feel where you can hear music is everywhere. Welcome to the world of Disney & fantasy. Disneyland I'm coming!!

mickey surfing
When you walk further in you will see Surfing Mickey Fountain. Wow! Mickey is surfing!

Getting more excited after we got our tickets. Yippie!!

1# Major entrance.


2 # Once inside, you can see long queue photo session with Mickey & Minnie.

Mickey n minnie

3# Yeah, we reach The Main Street USA.

I wish to ride on this antique car that spotted at Main Street but this car doesn't take passenger.
antique car

4# Fantasyland- Sleeping Beauty Castle


Sleeping Beauty Prince. This status located at the castle restaurant.

sleeping beauty

5# Tomorrowland - we are waiting for our turn to play this shooting game. I'm Buzz LightYear, I come and peace.


Can you spot me? hehe
On the ride.....

6# Adventureland - is the biggest among the park in Disneyland where you can find Tarzan house circle by river cruise
Tarzan house
Tarzan House
you need to ride this to cross the river to Tarzan house
Boat trip where you can see many type of animal.

lion king show
The Lion King show ^-^

spotted this train and we do ride on it. It bring you round whole Disneyland

Now is time for 'Let it Snow' Christmas Parade. You can see that people are sitting along the road
Hongkong is snowing. LOL

snowing time
enjoying snowing time!!
christmas tree
Giant Christmas tree & is snowing time

Castle is light up with beautiful light.

Firework begin & last for 10 min with Disney song.

So this conclude my tour to Disneyland. The whole journey is Magical....
A Whole New World,
A dazzling place I never knew,
But now from way up here,
It's crystal clear,
Let me share the whole new world with you......


ken said...

disneyland is fun.. been there once.. dont really enjoy it haha.. guess it's more for kids.. great experience nonetheless =)

Rachel Melody said...

Agree with you is fun but the ride are mostly make for kids for the only adult ride is roller coaster at tomorrowland. I still prefer Universal studio :)

acura said...

Yeah, Universal Studio's rides are more thrilling. I especially like to see people's reaction captured while they are riding the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster. Very funny ;)

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