Saturday, September 4, 2010

Emperor Q @ Pavillion, KL

We was looking for a restaurant for lunch at Pavillion & we came across Emperor Q.
Their food display at the entrance really attractive and attract you to have a try. So we decide to have a try. LOL
While looking at the menu, only we found out that is Emperor Q by the MOF.
MOF or Ministry of Food is from Singapore.
MOF @ Japanese Sweets & Coffee is just opposite the restaurant.

their cutlery display

prawn in hot stone
the prawn serve is a bit raw. This is because you still need to cook it so it wont over cooked.
The rice is fluffy & soy taste is special. Thumb up !!

We also order mapo tofu with fried seafood set.

Fried squid, prawn & fish

Minced pork

Mapo Tofu

Satisfied & enjoy the lunch we had here. You should go for a try.
Emperor Q is located at 1st Floor, near to Pavillion Food Republic Food Court.

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