Friday, September 17, 2010

Unforgettable Moment at Venetian

When you see this picture where do you think I have been too?
Venice,Italy? Yes is Venice!!
Venice is a beautiful & romantic place. I feel in love with it once I stepped in here. I always dream to get married or even honeymoon at Venice. :)


Hahaha, you are fool by the picture. I actually been to The Venetian Macau. As promised I will share my experience at Macau. Here are some photo taken on the way to Venetian.

on the wayon the way

all the way long you will see colorful & beautiful of every casino. I visited few casino here but the most I wanted to visited is The Venetian. This casino is the largest & attractive compare to the other 30 casino. The Venetian is amazing place to discovered.

venetian macau
The Venetian

Yeah, Here we are !

entrance of Venetian

We took few photo of outside the building before we went in.


spotted this gondola before we go in.....
Gosh!! look at the beautiful light. I really love & love this place

Alright is time to go in now. Excited, excited ^-^

You will see this when all the way in. Nice right? Love the feel

soon you will reach here. Everyone is busy taking photo & the place is crowded.
Of course, I cannot miss to snap at least 1 photo. *wink*

The place really beautiful & luxurious where almost everything is painted in gold. I not really like to gamble so this is not a place for me to hang around. So we went to another place. hehehe

on my way up.....

Here we are!!!! Venice!!!

Here is a place where you can do your shopping if you win a lot money from the casino. There are many branded shop such at LV, Coach & so on. I just fall in love in this place. Even do my dream is to go Venice, Italy but at least now I can have the feel of it before my dream come true.

I enter to the casino at the age 19. Oopp... do I mention I enter? haha
Well, I thought I cant enter & try to dress up to let myself look mature. Well I passed the 1st check point but when I was looking around a security guard walk toward us & wanted to check our passport. The guard say no problem & walk a way. Hahaha. That time only we realized that at 18 above you can enter the casino. While for Genting casino, Malaysia you need to reach 21 years old before you can enter, a long wait for that right?

This is the photo I snap before I make my way to other casino. I snap it secretly without notice by the security guard. hehehe
venetian casino
Waa..... so many people.

This photo will going to be a memory for me for the 1st time I enter the casino.
I know I will be back to Venetian one day :)

p.s: going to blog about Macau soon


of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

very beautiful setting inside..was in Macau for a day but did not get to that place yet.
Thanx for sharing

Rachel Melody said...

thank you !
Yes is beautiful inside really love the environment. Sure you will be Macau again ^^

acura said...

Venitian Macau is really beautiful. After coming here, no need to go to the real Venice. Also, look at the unique curve escalator at the casino ;)

Rachel Melody said...

acura : No, no , no. real Venice will be more beautiful & it might sink so if you have a chance of course you need to have trip there.
I not really like casino xp

acura said...

Nah...Venetian already created a replica of Venice with air cond, 24 hours of day light, nice shopping etc if the real Venice sinks also nvm ;)

Rachel Melody said...

you cant feel & see the nature environment in this replica.... summore you cant feel the night there since only in day light

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