Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Journey all the way to Ipoh

I suppose post about my trip to China but I find food trip is more interesting. So I decided my China trip will continue after this post.

This week is my study week & for this time I stay at Kampar during study week because I cannot studies at home. Suddenly we have something in our mind, why don we do 1 day food trip to Ipoh & everyone agree with this. (when talk about food, all sure agree. *wink*)

So our journey start next day at 1pm & 1st stop is Tanjung Tualang to have seafood. This is my 2nd time there where we feel like trying other restaurant rather than Lung Seng. (click here for my previous review) This time we want to try the restaurant newly open opposite Lung Seng name Sun Mee Foong. Actually not consider new, 2 month back the whole stretch of shops is tragically on fire include Sun Mee Foong & Luen Fong.

We order 1kg of prawn cost RM58 prepare in 2 ways, a vegetable & fried oyster

Pan Fried Prawn with soy sauce
Nestum Prawns

I just can conclude that, the dish is not tasty even the vegetable. The prawns are mostly mix with small prawn where you only manage find 2 big prawn is not worth it & I feel the prawns we order at Lung Seng even bigger and more prawns is served. None of us is satisfied.

Since the lunch is not satisfactory, we going for tea-time at Ipoh De Garden. Since we pass by Kellies Castle, we stop & take picture before continue journey to Ipoh. LoL

Here we are for our tea time.....
Strawberry Moment Cafe @ Ipoh De Garden
You all have the chances to try out strawberry dessert cafe at Ipoh rather than drive a long way to Cameron to taste it. Is a good news for strawberry lovers.

cannot wait to open the menu?
Gosh!! so many choices which shld I choose?
Their most popular signature item - Strawberry Strudel ( RM7.50)
Would you like to have a bite?
Strawberry Crepe (12.90)
Strawberry Ice Cream Boat (RM 8.90)

Full of satisfactory after enjoyed the dessert but my friend said we should not stop & heading to Papparich. We just have some drink there because we already full & still need to have our dinner.
p.s : camera run out of battery the following picture taken by handphone camera

We heard that there is a restaurant specializing in German Beers & German cuisine so we would like to have a try. Finally we found
Berlin's Bier Houz at Greentown Ipoh.

Berlin's Bier Houz
Lowenbrau Original & Franziskaner Weissber
Pasta Alla Carbonara. (15.90) Taste good with cheese, mushroom & bacon
Spaghetti Prawns Aglio-Olio. (25.90) Thumb up for this too!
German Hotdog.(16.90)

Since you are here, you can miss out German Pork Knuckle. German cuisine is never complete without German Pork. You can either order full (RM43.80 ) or half potion (RM25). We ordered half portion but is big enough for four of us. Love the brown sauce & there are some alcohol taste. view from the top
crispy & juicy

Love everything they served in this bistro. Will come again when I come to Ipoh. If you at around Ipoh you need to try this. Highly recommended. Since Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street) is near one of my friend suggest that we go to have dessert before end our trip.

Mix Fruits Ice (RM3.90)

After dessert at Tong Sui Kai, we heading back to Kampar & ended our food trip to Ipoh with full of satisfaction. Even do some of the food photo doesn't look good but I can said that the taste is awesome. Don't judge a food by photo but with taste.


acura said...

That's a lot of food for a one day trip

J2Kfm said...

Great run there. I wouldn't say no to a refreshing bowl of Mixed Fruits Ice @ Tong Sui Kai. There's another stall nearer to the main road, that's equally as good, if not better.

Rachel Melody said...

Acura : ya loaded with food that day

J2Kfm : really? where is the stall located? near ipoh parade too?

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