Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Blogshop in Town (Vanillapeony)

Get to know this new blogshop in town through one of my facebook friend since I like to buy clothes online & I found out this VanillaPeony (www.vanillapeony.blogspot.com). Recently only know that they have facebook Peony Nie

I like to buy clothes online but one thing I hate that is pre order where you need to wait at least 2 weeks to receive your parcel. I remember I buy from 1 website (don want to mention the name to spoil the image) I waited for 1 month for my order & guess what is spoil so just wasted. Moreover, sometimes the quality & material are different from what you see from the picture.
I buy one Jacket where seldom can find this type of jacket & pant if got also very expensive. I email the owner to find out the date I can receive my parcel. I was shock with the answer 2 to 3 days. So Of course, I make my order for that & I receive it within the day they mention.

As I asked the owner, all items are personally handpicked by them & items are not restock back unless they stated. So the chances to bump with same clothes & dress is low :) I hate to clash clothes with people especially when you wear to shopping complex. I remember the clothes I buy for bf from Giordano "The World Without Stranger". We bump at least 3 people where the same shirt & some with different color. So I had stopped to buy from that shop.

What I can said that I was fully satisfied with the clothes. Saw a review from the website too. The price is reasonable & important is the quality of the clothes. Here are some photo of clothes I take from the website.

I sure will going to buy clothes from this website again because satisfied with the clothes & quality of it.
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