Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

I guess I should continue with my trip post after the post of food. As you know I went to 10 days trips & HK is one of the destination. I went to Repulse Bay where located at southern park of HK island & one of the most beautiful beaches in HK. This place is popular among locals & tourists. Repulse Bay is surrounded by luxurious houses & aquatics activities.

According to people, famous international star Jackie Chan house is at top of the hill.

The Repulse Bay beach sand is golden & soft. Swimming is obviously a good idea with the bay is equipped with shark prevention nets & floating platforms. But who going to swim during winter? LOL

feel weird about the square hole at building?
This building is one of the famous building with square hole name The Repulse Bay. The hole are added for feng shui purpose. It received a silver medal from Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Award at 1989.

I wish I own one of the houses here :)

Another attraction is Tin Hau Temple where the 2 god statues is facing the sea
Tin Hau Temple
spot me?
smile =)

Today, Repulse Bay is one of the most expensive housing area in HK even do famous international movie star Jackie Chan own a villa here facing the sea.

Stay tune for my post to Macau.
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