Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fear Factor dinner @ Guangzhou

At last, I am free from exam & is time to continue my post regarding Guangzhou. We will be in GZ for 4 days where we depart from Macau. We stay at my bf relative house. While on the way to GZ, we stopped by at Zhuhai to have fresh oyster meal. What I can said that thumb up for that (too hungry, din manage tk photo)

Statue of Fisher Girl become the landmark of Zhuhai.
She holds a pearl high in the air with both hands in an elegant pose, admiring its bright luster that also symbolizes the brightness of Zhuhai.

so we continue to our journey to Guangzhou. The journey is like from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bharu which take 4 to 5 hours. Is time for dinner when we reach Guangzhou so his relative bring us to Guang Zhou Hong Xing seafood restaurant.

Well China people would prefer their food is fresh before serve. Everything in this restaurant is fresh & alive. They cook once you order it.

Try & guess what we see in the restaurant.


I was really shock that time. Is still alive!

Water cockroach. Is so disgusting.
some kind of worms.... yucks!!!
I really no idea what is this but I try search through the internet the call it as geoducks.
would like to have some wine with snakes, lizards & other reptiles?
At last I found something, we usually eat crab.
Groupa fish

so many choices & varieties
something like carrot. Nice right?
piggy bun

If you want to eat something fresh & try something new this place is recommended. The place was very interesting and you probably won’t see it anywhere else but Asia.


acura said...

I would love to try the crocodile...looks yummy from the photo

Rachel Melody said... you remember what kind of porridge you are eating?

acura said...

Of course, the tasty SNAKE porridge...Can't find it in Malaysia

iuhnix said...

I think you can only find that in GuangZhou. There's nothing like that at the north of China. :)

Rachel Melody said...

Acura : ya snake porridge. but it taste normal.
Iuhnix : Yes, i think only able to find there & surely not in Malaysia

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