Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bukit Tinggi @ Pahang

Well after the Chamang waterfall, we went to Bukit Tinggi on the same day. Actually it was tired after playing with water & I went here with Acura 2 years ago but since one 1 of friend suggest so we went there. Bukit Tinggi located at Pahang. Bukit Tinggi is near to Genting Highlands which located 3000 feet above the sea level. There are a few places to visit there which is the French Village, Japanese Garden and Animal Farms. Each of us was charged RM 12 for the entrance to Japanese Village & French Village.

Well we started with Japanese village. Nothing has change, is still the same when I went here with Acura. You can rent kimono for RM25 (if not mistaken) to wear around & snap photo.

At Japanese village house

We only spend about 40min here because there are nothing except for environment. After the Japanese Village we headed towards French Village. There also have fun fair games, a game arcade, a snooker center and restaurant. There was a drawbridge that led to a castle look-alike building. Under the bridge there was a pool where 2 pair of swan.

taken at the parking lots
The main entrance to the French Village.
swan swimming in the pond
the street in the village

Clock Tower
view from the top of Clock Tower

Later we went for target shooting when we find out about that. You just need to shot those bottle hand there with those paintball guns.
Posing. LOL
Taken few years back when we come here =)

After a long day trip, its is time to go back. Such a tired day but is fun when you have a group of friends with you.


ken said...

it seems that the entrance ticket has changed.. looks better now.. anyway, nice pics from bukit tinggi! :)

Rachel Melody said...

Ken : Thank you =)
Still keeping the ticket =)

acura said...

Nice pics!

Rachel Melody said...

Acura : thank you =)

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