Friday, October 15, 2010

Yakiniku Restaurant @ Pandan Indah

After back from Awana Genting, we went to Yakiniku for dinner. This place recommended by many blogger such as KYspeaks & so on. Well this is one of the cheapest Japanese food compare around KL. This restaurant serve barbecue over a stove. (something new right?) You don worry about the smoky environment where each table are store with vacuum system.

at the entrance
inside the restaurant. Each table are store with vacuum system.
the menu
valuable set that only available from Monday to Friday
bbq choices but there are sushi & other ala carte
soy sauce
My Iced Lime Sour
Acura Ice Lemon Tea
woohoo.... going to start grill
I'm ready =)

We order value set for 2 where serve with bacon, lamb shoulder, tofu pok, chicken gizzard & white rice. Moreover, we also ordered New Zealand mussels. I love how the meat were thinly sliced. The sauce that they put on the meat really made the meat tasted so delicious & is best to served with white rice
Bacon (RM5.90). Yum yum
Tofu pok (rm2.90)
Lamb Shoulder (RM6.90)
The lamb shoulder really tasted delicious, we had second helping.
(the photo doesn't look nice but is tasty)

New Zealand Mussels (RM12.90)
ready to grill =)
Acura like the lamb shoulder so much
can you see the fire?
The chicken gizzards taste good too but due to lighting problem the photo we take is a bit blur
At the entrance of the shop

We had a great time here, the food & price is cheap. If you are around Pandan Indah area do come here for some grill meat is really worth. Of course I will be back again.

You can easily find the restaurant. When you see Steven Corner on your left drive straight until you reach traffic light & turn left. You will see Hong Leong Bank on your right. The restaurant is just opposite the bank.


m4y said...

how mch total you eat?

Rachel Melody said...

Is only cost RM 52 for total. Very nice & cheap

m4y said...

icic...tats gud then =) u order by set or separate?

Rachel Melody said...

i order a set den come order seperately

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