Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Madam Kwan @ Midvalley

Madam Kwan is one of my favourite place for nasi lemak. True Malaysian enjoying their nasi lemak early in the morning or brunch where you can see many stall are selling nasi lemak no matter at the market or along the road. Madam Kwan branch in Midvalley always packed with people, sometimes you need to wait to be seated. I ordered the same thing each time I'm there.

Acura ordered Asam Laksa.

The Asam Laksa is addictive especially the soup. Basically you can't stop when start eating it

My order Nasi Bojari (their signature dish)

It is huge as it comes with aromatic rice, huge fried chicken drumstick , asam prawns & shredded beef rendang. I love their asam prawns & shredded beef rendang as they is full of flavors. The chicken is crispy on the outside while tender & juicy on the inside. Is always be my favorite dish here =)

What I can said that you can try the Truly Malaysian Cuisine at Madam Kwan. The food is a bit pricey but is worth with the portion they served you.


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