Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BBQ Chicken @ Wangsa Walk

Is was a rush because wake up late on the day I back to Kampar. So we decided to check out the restaurant at Wangsa Walk. 1stly we thought of having Popeye but Acura don want so we went here, BBQ Chicken. Well as for me I think Popeye & this restaurant is selling the same thing which is Fried CHICKEN!

The menu cover
Their menu
Seafood Spaghetti
Grill Chicken Rice
Popcorn Chicken
served together with soft drinks.

Well the food is fast served, you only wait for 15min for that. I just like their popcorn chicken. The pasta is I not really like it because the cheese taste is too strong. For the grill chicken Acura said not bad. Overall the food taste not bad still acceptable. The only thing is those barbeque chicken dishes definitely didn’t quite taste like Korean while the restaurant didn’t have any Korean feel. I wonder why they put their name as Korea No.1 Chicken Restaurant! Really no idea with that.
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