Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chamang Waterfall @ Bentong, Pahang

Drive to Chamang is easy from KL where you use MRR2 & follow the road heading to Genting Highland. Gosh!! did I said Genting Highland? Sorry, we are heading to Bentong this time =) Just use the Karak highway & once you see the Bentong sign turn into the exit. Once you are in Bentong, there are signboard of Chamang waterfall that will lead you to there.

Well this trip is plan by one of my friend to this waterfall. I have never expected anything from this waterfall from the beginning & just wanted to find a place to chill down. We reach there about 10.30 because we went for breakfast before heading there.

chilling =)
hanging bridge
The hanging bridge is the only way cross to the camping sites.

group photo

Me & Acura
me at chamang

Des, Me & Y King

water session start. Yeah!!

water fight. Des, Acura & Yking vs couple Waynee & Ong
From the photo, you can guess who is the winner. LOL

We was there for 3 hours & of course we bring our thing for picnic. We really enjoy there as the place is chill & the water is clean. It is a good place for a weekend getaway for families. Everyone was tired after the play but since Bukit Tinggi is near, we decided to pay a visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel
You'll enjoy the place much more if you camp at Chamang Waterfall for a night and do some night fishing when the people are gone.
You'll need to pre-book to camp from Bentong District Office.

Rachel Melody said...

really? I also duno can go for camp. I wanted go back the place for camping.... thx for the info ^^

Anonymous said...

you are enjoying life Rachel.


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