Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bangkok Trip - Day 3

I had drag the post for so long & is time to continue my update. After a crazy shopping on the 2nd day is time to relax & go for tourist attraction. One of the main attraction is Grand Palace.

Ticket for boat trip
Building opposite the river
The River
this thing is everywhere
Wat Arun
Garden of Grand Palace
Group photo =)
Entrance ticket
The traveler
spotted Kenneth & Jiki
Jiki & Sylvia
The Palace

We spend 1 hours there & we really cant stand it anymore because is very hot until burn our skin. After that we went to Chinatown to have lunch. You can take boat to Chinatown which cost 25 bath also. Thought want to have seafood but the shop only open at night so we just try another famous noodles at Chinatown.

Dry noodles
Well, it a bit weird when you eat dry noodles. The noodles is tasteless so you need to put 1 spoon of sugar & chillies inside before you eat it. The taste is just awesome & you will like it

Soup noodles
taste good
Coca Cola....

After lunch we take cab to Siam Paragon & do some shopping there.
Famous shop in BKK. You cant miss out this shop.
The shop operate since 1989....

After pay a visit at Naraya we went to supermarket to buy snacks........... All the snacks is just cheap. We bought few to measure our luggage space first hehe
Our trolley :p

After tired of shopping we went back to out hostel to have a nice sleep before going to massage at night. The massage is quiet cheap & we enjoy very much. Thought want to have dinner at Chinatown but after the massage it started to rain & we just have a dinner at a restaurant few shop from the massage shops. The food is really worse so do their beverages. The dinner not full at all & they charges very expensive. (p.s: don go to the shop near to the hostel is just very expensive)
My 3rd day shopping stuff
Kenneth 3rd day stuffs


may-in said...

i miss bangkok!!!din have d chance to go Chao Phraya boat cruise and Naraya~

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