Thursday, December 16, 2010

Arenaa De'Luxe Hotel Malacca

Arenaa De'Luxe Hotel is designed boutique hotel with 82 artistically furnished rooms. This hotel situated in the heart of Melaka. Popularly known for its historical places such as A 'Famosa, Stadhuys or Maritime Musuem. The hotel rate start from RM 138 ++ but I feel is worth it. I love this hotel so much once I step inside with beautiful interior design & feel so warm.

lovely reception counter
the main lobby
have a seat & enjoy the environment while waiting for check in or check out
Me & Acura
main lobby
Is just like red flower petal from far

I love it ^-^
Is me again :p

Well, let proceed to the room interior.
picture hanging on the wall
wish to bring back this lamp
Woohoo!! the bathroom Definitely love it =)
balcony in each room with small table.
view from the balcony
Is Dataran Pahlawan =)

I really love the hotel. Everything is just so nice for me. I love their interior design. This hotel is suitable for relaxing and is not far from the city center.

The hotel located at
No. 222 (Lot 639)
Jalan Ujong Pasir,
75050 Melaka

p.s : photo taken after check out


m4y said...

it looks new n nice! RM138+ is weekday price? nextime think to try tis hotel liao XP

Rachel Melody said...

Ya, is the basic price for the room include breakfast...... love this design

Y E N C H E N G said...

wow. rm138 inclusive of breakfast. cheap huh? :D

Rachel Melody said...

I think the price is reasonable ^^

sim1168 said...


Rachel Melody said...

Sim : Hi there, just want to share the info... if you are going there you will definitely love the hotel =)

amrutha katta said...

I really appreciate it; I will visit whenever I have found the stuff that I have been searching for in the entire web for, keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing. . .
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