Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tomato Ketchup, East Lake Kampar

Tomato Ketchup? What come to your mind when mention about this? A bottle of Tomato Ketchup? Well, this is not about a bottle of sauce but a restaurant that serve western foods and famous with their dessert, Cheesecake. My friend recommend me this restaurant located at Eastlake, Kampar. It is located at the row of shop houses next to Tesco. The big banner with bright red tomatoes should catch your attention easily .I went there with my housemate. The restaurant opened at 5pm, that time we reach there at 6pm & no people at all but people slowly fill the place up.

Tomato Ketchup menu
wifi provided here
the environment
The environment is clean and neat, they have tables of different sizes for small & large groups of patrons. The dining area is very spacious and cooling.
games are provided just choose any games while waiting for the food
Japanese Green Tea
Special Apple Juice
Chocolate Blended

Most of their signature dish combine with tomato. For western food, there are 3 side dishes which is fries, mashed potatoes, rice or coleslaw

Chicken Cordon Blue
Chicken Chop with tomato & herb
Even do the picture look ugly but it taste good
Grill cheese with pasta I not remember the spaghetti combination but there are few combination for you to choose
Chicken Chop Rice with Brown sauce

Since we are here, something we cannot miss is their Cheesecake. They served different kind of cheesecake every week. That time, they serve two type of cakes so we order both.

White Chocolate Peach
You will love it! Yummy!
Chilled Lemon
The cake topping with strawberry jam & is a good combination

The price is affordable. They also serve quality of food and their service is friendly. This is a truly attractive dining place for Kamparians.


Fadli [] said...

woww...nice foood!!!.... but close every saturday...weirdddd

Rachel Melody said...

The food is nice & cheap.... suitable for student.... they close might due to most of the student back to their hometown since thursday o friday so they close on Saturday

theeggyolks said...

it looks tasty!!! too bad i'm not in that area -_-"

Rachel Melody said...

theeggyolks: where are you from? is near by mayb can come Kampar for a try ^^

amrutha katta said...

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