Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cameron Highland Day 1

I had dragging this post since last year. Due to busy with my studies & there are too many photo I wanted to upload because most of all photo look so nice. Well now I only choose few where I feel is the nicest. I went this trip with my course mate from Sg.long for 3D2N & we stay at Equatorial Hotel. There has 2 rooms, loving room and small kitchen. We reach there around 1pm & check in to the hotel to put out belonging. I really love the surrounding here, is just so beautiful.

Small fountain in front of the hotel
We stay at those apartment
small garden where you can walk around
The view from our room

After settle down with check in and put our belonging. Is time to explore the place call Cameron. We not sure where we heading too, we just want to find place for photo taking ;p so we found a park & all of us went there =)

The ladies ;p
Nicson - busy taking photo
clock tower at the park
the fence
left by rain
is this four leaf clover? is something similar

After some photo shooting we went to Big red strawberry farm. There are also some cactus & flower farm too.
Of course we will take this opportunities to snap photo as much as possible. Due to many photos, I only choose few of it to blog.

with the plants
with vegetables & cactus
with strawberry
You must try the strawberry ice cream here. You will definitely love it. The strawberry dessert they sell is good. They even have souvenir shop.
Here are some photo taken by my friends.
I love this flower
Love this photo the most =)

After that, we went to the famous building in Cameron The Smokehouse. This place also known as Smokehouse hotel / Ye Olde Smokehouse. It located along side with the golf course.
The Smokehouse

inside the smokehouse
Of course, we did not dine in there because is very expensive. We went there for the purpose of photo snapping hehe We only went there for a while because it started to rain.We will come back again for more photo =)
We had steambot for dinner but it does taste good & I also forget about the restaurant name. After a tiring day, we went back to out hotel & have some rest. Tomorrow we will going to Boh Tea Center.


Natalieyong. said...

nice trip! :)

kar xin said...

nice photos! your friend did a great job! X)

Tihara said...

nice photo..thumbs up

Rachel Melody said...

Natalie: Ya, really enjoy it

Kar Xin & Tihara : I love those photo too. Thx to my fren ^^

Nikel Khor said...

Nice trip and fun.. isnt?

Rachel Melody said...

Nikel: ya is fun =)

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